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मिठे नाश्ते - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (Sweet Snacks recipes in Hindi)
મીઠા નાસ્તા - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (Sweet Snacks recipes in Gujarati)

Banana and Walnut Starter recipe
Small and simple starter inspired from our all time favourites sev puris and dahi puris.
Banana Pancake  By Msane_16 recipe
Excite your taste buds with this mouthwatering banana pancake recipe with bananas, milk, sugar, semolina and eggs blended together. The batter is spread on a non stick pan and then served crispy hot with elaichi powder sprinkled over the top.
Banana Toastie recipe
Banana toastie is simply one of the most interesting bread toast recipe with the bread slices topped alternately with mixture comprising of egg -orange juice and cheese and also with a mixture made of raisins, bananas, and cinnamon.
Bright Cookies recipe
Try your hand at preparing the crunchy , crispy, appealing bright cookies or biscuits at home.Find many simple, delicious and quick cookie recipes here at
Butter Cookies  By kavitakj recipe
The yummy butter taste in these lovely Butter cookies make these evening cookies a must try recipe. Quite easy to bake, these butter cookies can be enjoyed topped with jam or maple syrup.
Butter Cookies and Sweet Milk Jam recipe
You can use condensed milk instead
of milk and sugar for making milk jam.
Butter Scotch Cookies recipe
An enjoyable sweet preparation that always finds flavour with children as well as adults!!
basic cookie with a slight variation of nuts and brown sugar.
Candle Cookies recipe
Candle cookies present one of the most interesting cookie recipe which are shaped just like candles and are baked till golden brown. An appealing cookie recipe, candle cookies are healthy, crunchy and tasty.
Carrot Cookies recipe
This is a very nutritious cookie recipe that is loved by my family.
Cashewnut Cookies  By kavitakj recipe
Experience the crunchy delight, the Cashewnut cookies prepared from flour, sugar and milk and a generous dose of crushed cashewnuts. A favorite among children, cashewnut cookies and milk make for a great combination.
Cashewnut Cookies  By purvak recipe
A classic and traditional cashew nut cookies recipe at with the appealing crisps cross fork marks. The cookies are prepared by mixing butter, sugar, chopped Cashewnuts and impart a sweet and salty flavour combination.
Charus Cookies recipe
Nutritious and delicious Charu's cookies present a healthy way of enjoying the delectable crunchy cookies prepared from chocolates, sugar, butter and maida. Laden with a rich taste, these chocolate flavoured cookies are simple to prepare and every child's favorite.
Children's Favourite Cookies recipe
Prepare the Children's favourite cookies at home with simple handy ingredients. The crushed cornflakes and chocolate chips are mixed with butter, cream and sugar and then dropped on the baking tray. Relish these lovely cookies with milkshake or fruit juice.
Choclate Cookies recipe
Mix sugar and cream well till it becomes light and creamy.
always grease the tray before baking.
Chocolate Chip Cookies  By meenal72 recipe
Children as well as all family members will never stop eating these delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies !!
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