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32 bhavanagari chillies recipes

Last Updated : Apr 02,2020

भावनगरी मिर्च रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (bhavanagari chillies recipes in Hindi)
ભાવનગરી મરચાં રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (bhavanagari chillies recipes in Gujarati)

bhavanagari chillies recipes | 32 bhavanagari chillies recipe collection |

bhavanagari chillies recipes. These are special varieties of chillies that are grown only in Bhavnagar in Gujarat. They vary a little in size but are mostly wider at the stem end and tapering at the bottom. Even though a specialty of Gujarat, they are available all year round throughout the country. They are not the spiciest but are moderate to high spicy. Due to their unique taste, they can be used for pickling, tempering or used in a vegetable preparation.

Bhavanagari Chilli Recipes for Snacks

Stuffed Bhavnagri ChilliesStuffed Bhavnagri Chillies

An easy snack recipe that is best enjoyed on a rainy day with a steaming hot cup of tea is Bharwan Paneer Chilli Pakoda. Here the chilies are slit, deseeded and stuffed with a delectable paneer mixture, coated with a besan batter and then deep fried to perfection. It's not even necessary to stuff the chillies! You can just deep fry them coated in besan batter and they’ll still taste delicious.

Mirchi vadas are a common evening snack in Gujarat, so much so that people go there especially to eat these. It's not even necessary to coat these bhajiyas in batter, you can simply stuff them with things like moong dal spiced with cumin seeds, onions, hing, deep fry them and make Bharela Moong Dal marcha.

Bhavanagari Chilli Recipes for Meals 

Raiwala MarchaRaiwala Marcha

These chilies are an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of meals. It is very common to pickle the chilies or simply fry them, sprinkle them with a salt and eat them to lunch or dinner. Typical way of eating Bhavanagri Marcha, like in Gujarat, is to cut them in roundels and toss it with a little turmeric, black salt and hing. Raiwala Marcha is also an excellent pickle to eat with roti subzi.

Mirch ka Salan is a subzi made with bhavanagri chillies in a gravy of peanuts, ginger, garlic and numerous whole spices. This Hyderabadi special subzi is a crowd pleaser for entertaining guests when you want to make something absolutely unique!

Enjoy our bhavanagari chillies recipes collection.

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mirchi ka salan recipe | Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan | healthy mirchi ka salan | with amazing 28 images. Hyderabadi mirchi ka salan is an Indian curry of Bhavnagri chillies, flavoured with ....
A delectable pickle of Bhavnagari chillies stuffed with a tongue-tickling mixture of mustard and fennel seeds, spiked up with a dash of lemon. The flavour of mustard is dominant in this pickle, true to the name of Raiwala Marcha. You need to let the pickle stand for at least one hour before serv ....
This Stuffed Bhavnagari Mirchi recipe is quite unique, compared to the usual way of preparing these chillies stuffed with or marinated in spices. On the other hand, Bharela Moong Dal Marcha features Bhavnagari chillies stuffed with a succulent and peppy mixture of moong dal and onions tempered tradi ....
A traditional Hyderabadi salan is made in a shallow wide flat bottomed handi. The salan is a sealed in this handi and kept on low fire to cook with all the flavours trapped inside to give that authentic rich taste. I have modified this recipe to suit our present day requirements, without compromisin ....
Here is a tongue-tickling crispy, which will transform tea-time into a memorable experience, especially during the monsoon! Bhavnagari chillies, with their mildly-spicy flavour and juicy crispness, are stuffed with a mouth-watering pot ....
Here is a scrumptious treat for the fun-loving foodie! Bhavnagari chillies, with their convenient size and mildly spicy taste, are ideal for making this delicious snack. The chillies are first stuffed with paneer and cheese, then dipped in a plain flour batter and deep-fried. Using a combina ....
This evergreen favourite is made of Bhavnagari chillies, flavoured with sesame seeds and cumin seeds. Besan is replaced with waterchestnut flour, to make this accompaniment qualify for a fast. Serve Bhavnagari Chillies as an accompaniment to a faraali meal of
This recipe is meant for those who love spice. We have however used a milder variety of chillies i.e. Bhavnagri chillies which are long thick green chillies. You can use the sharp small green chillies if you like. Chilli roundels are sautéed with whole fenugreek seeds, cumin and turmeric to wh ....
Easily mistaken for a deformed capsicum, the bhavnagri chilli is usually stuffed with paneer, cheese, potato or even mixed vegetables and then deep-fried. Start off your meal with this crunchy starter.
Bhavnagri marcha are spicy but not very very spicy. Each chillies are cut into small roundels and blend well with black salt to give nice tangy taste.
The addition of crunchy baby corn and creamy soft paneer enhance the flavours and provide an interesting new twist to the recipe of Salan. The sweet and spicy flavours marry to make a very filling and tasty main dish that requires only rotis or parathas alongside.
This is really a hot one! I used to have an uncle who would never sit down for a meal unless he had as an accompaniment some fresh green chillies and a little dish of salt in which to dip them. He was also a great devotee of chilli pickle. This chilli pickle is only for those who can take the h ....
A fiery combination of green chillies, which are a rich source of vitamin c, and calcium-rich jeera.
A practical joker for you dinner table ever ready to charm your guests with his ceaseless supply of jokes!
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