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ब्रेड रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (bread recipes in Hindi)
બ્રેડ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (bread recipes in Gujarati)

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An amazing breakfast or snack recipe, the delicious egg based French toast cheddar sandwiches are a great source of proteins and enegry. The bread slices are buttered, topped with cheddar cheese slices and then dipped in an egg mixture . These French toast are then shallow fried till brown and enjo ....
Banana toastie is simply one of the most interesting bread toast recipe with the bread slices topped alternately with mixture comprising of egg -orange juice and cheese and also with a mixture made of raisins, bananas, and cinnamon.
The versatile paneer or cottage cheese is made into a lovely breakfast recipe with this paneer- potato sandwiches recipe. The boiled potatoes and crumbled paneer is made into a spicy mixture which is added in between the bread slices and then toasted or grilled till crispy done.
Potato balls are made from a mashed potato dough and then is deep fried after dipping in batter. The crunchy delicious potato balls make for an excellent snack item which can be relished with chutney or in between bread slices or buns as burger.
Enjoy the cooling and unique Bread dahivada with a mix of spicy and sweet chutneys as topping. The soaked breads are made into a vada and then topped with beaten curd and a dash of roasted jeera powder.
Sesame vegetable coins is a popular Chinese coin shaped vegetable based snack item. The vegetable mixture is made into coin shapes and then coated with sesame seeds before shallow frying. These sesame coated vegetable coins can also be made into fingers and then enjoyed as starter or snack with sauc ....
Pinwheels present an eye catching sandwich roll recipe with a spicy potato based mixture as filling,. The bread rolls are then cut into slices just like pinwheels and enjoyed batter fried, grilled or baked as snack or breakfast.
Bread squares are a delicious square shaped cut bread slices which are coated with batter and then deep fried. These crispy tit bits are best paired with a spicy sauce or chutney and served as tea time snack, starter or cocktail snack.
Veg burger is a nice way of sneaking in vegetables in the child's favorite burger recipe,. The shallow fried vegetable cutlet is placed in the burger buns along with cheese, tomato slices and then enjoyed hot with ketchup.
Wholesome snacks, rice and sandwiches recipe only at The wholesome snacks not only fill your stomach but also help in meeting the body's nutritional needs.
Serve the nutritious and tasty Wealth of health sandwich with boiled vegetables stir fried along with healthy bean sprouts and added as filling. This bread sandwich with the protein and fiber rich filling can be enjoyed grilled or plain with sauce of choice.
An amazing concept of combining great taste with good health benefits in an innovative recipe, khandvi sandwich!. The soya flour and besan based khandvis are cooked, rolled up and then cut into small squares,. These khandvi squares are placed in between bread slices along with grated carrots, onion ....
Quick corn rolls make for a tempting snack or cocktail starter dish with the creamy corn paste added to the bread slices which are later deep fried to a crispy finish. Enjoy this delightful and quick corn rolls with sauce .
Sandwich is a simple recipe to prepare vegetable sandwiches with cheese as spread and green coriander chutney as accompaniment. Enjoy the sandwich plain, toasted or grilled as snack or tiffin.
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