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Last Updated : Feb 16,2020

ब्रेड रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (bread recipes in Hindi)
બ્રેડ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (bread recipes in Gujarati)

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Very healthy and tempting recipe.
Make this high protein no fuss sandwich..simply nutritious and healthy!
Here is yet another type of sandwich, cubin sandwich speciality of Cuba which is made with the combination of something different type of chutney or rather say relish made from black grapes, olives and olive oil.
Again here is smoething different type of sandwich,yogurt surprise in fact this is also home made version og low calorie mayyonaise in form of yogurt. This is 2 layer sandwich, one layer is of yogurt with lots of vegetables and the second layer is of green chutney.
Spicy fusion of chatapata spices with bland smooth paneer.
Here is veg hotdog which is combination of veggie peti and lots of vegetables.
Bored of eating regular sandwiches and grileed and baked sandwiches? here is something different type of three layer deep fried sandwich which is made from potato stuffing and with the combination of two types of and green!
Sandwiches are very famous and popular snacks all over world, there are many varieties of sandwiches, here is baked sandwich with the stuffing of sweet corn.
A french culinary mouth watering delight that can be used as a starter or kids snack and it is healthy and very very delicious.
Very good low cal dahi vadas made using bread replacing fried urad dal vadas!
Paneer flavoured with street food pav bhaji masala..served innovatively.
An interesting twist to the traditional idlis which can be served as a quick breakfast or snack.
Sandwiches now a days have become very very popular and famous snacks all over world,one can innovate as many varieties of sandwitches.Here is something different type of grilled sandwich which is made with the combination of paneer and pineapple! hmmm....Mouth is already watering? so what you are w ....
Here is yet another different type of sandwich which is too yummy and tasty, wheel sandwich which is the combination of green and red filling and made with green chutney and mayonnaise.This sandwich is rolled and then cut into small pieces which give effect of wheel.
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