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929 coriander powder recipes

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धनिया पाउडर रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (coriander powder recipes in Hindi)
ધાણા પાવડર રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (coriander powder recipes in Gujarati)

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You can use malai instead of butter.
Dal should be cooked like mashed and the it should not be seen.
Stir the curd gravy for first few minutes to avoid curdling.
Indian pizza is a simple recipe for preparing homemade pizza base with flour, yeast and baking soda. The pizza dough is spread into a thick roti and then cooked on a hot gridle(no oven needed). The Indian pizza is topped with vegetables and cheese and served hot as snack.
The punjabi specialty,paneer matar masala is a quick recipe to prepare the traditional favorite matar paneer. Mouthwatering, easy to prepare and a perfect dish with paneer cubes tossed with green peas in a masaledaar spicy rich gravy!
A spicy paratha recipe. . .
Make sure to dry the bhindi completely.
Cauliflower fry boasts of overwhelming flavors and a great taste. An Indian vegetable preparation, cauliflower florets are stir fried together with garam masala in this gobhi or cauliflower fry recipe.
A delicious recipe with a difference!
You may make this without onion and follow the same steps but just without onion
The spinach or palak kabab is a vegetarian kabab recipe full of aromatic spices, healthful ingredients and an amazing taste! created with palak or spinach as main ingredient, palak kababs are best paired with mint chutney and lemon wedges.
Dal Bemisaal is a tempting dal or lentil recipe with an authentic awesome North Indian touch. An irrestible combination of flavorful lentils or dals simmered in a rich spicy gravy and enjoyed with naan or roomali roti.
This dal can also be made light by replacing the ghee with oil and the thickened milk with regular milk to the dal also.
Step up the fiber and nutrients in your diet with this delightfully tasty and healthy lalhari paushtik dal. The white vataana or pea are cooked spinach, grated beetroot and spices. Serve this appealing dal hot with rice or roti.
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