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49 peanut oil, groundnut oil recipes

Last Updated : Nov 20,2020

मूँगफली का तेल रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (peanut oil, groundnut oil recipes in Hindi)
મગફળીનો તેલ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (peanut oil, groundnut oil recipes in Gujarati)

 Peanut oil recipes, Indian groundnut oil recipes 

 Peanut oil recipes | Indian  groundnut oil recipes | see our Healthy Indian Breakfast recipes using peanut oil, Rotis and parathas using peanut oil, Indian starters using peanut oil and Indian Snacks recipes using peanut oil. 

Healthy Indian Breakfast recipes using peanut oil 

Enjoy these healthy breakfast recipes made healthier with the usage of peanut oil.

1.      Mixed Sprouts Poha a nutritious quick breakfast of Poha taken early in the morning holds you in good stead throughout the day.       

 Mixed Sprouts Poha Mixed Sprouts Poha

2.      Chana Dal Pancakes made of soaked chana dal mixed with vitamin rich vegetables and protein rich curds to enhance its taste.

 Chana Dal Pancakes Chana Dal Pancakes

3.      Moong Dal Chilla protein-rich Moong Dal Chilla, stuffed with a deliciously flavoured mixture of potatoes and green peas.

 Moong Dal Chilla, Stuffed Moong Dal Chila Moong Dal Chilla, Stuffed Moong Dal Chila

4.      High Fibre Chillas batter of buckwheat and curds which are then soaked and ground in a mixer. To the batter we add oats, ginger green chilli paste, carrots and spring onions add crunch.

High Fibre ChilasHigh Fibre Chilas

5.      Indian Oats Pancake with Jowar made by adding oats to wheat flour, as oats are highly nutritious and filled with cholesterol-fighting soluble fibre.

 Indian Oats Pancake with Jowar Indian Oats Pancake with Jowar

6.      Paneer Veggie Wrap made from whole wheat flour, low fat paneer, healthy vegetables and spices. What’s nice is this is a wrap that will appeal to kids, young adults and elders.

 Paneer Veggie Wrap Paneer Veggie Wrap

Rotis and parathas using peanut oil 

Healthy rotis for breakfast lunch and dinner. Easy to make and follow these recipes. All the recipes are different from each other, with different taste and texture.

1.      Jowar Aur Pudina ki Roti scrumptious roti, we have enhanced the jowar flour with onions and green chillies to improve not just the flavour but the texture too.

2.      Jowar Pyaz Ki Roti a healthy roti made from simple ingredients like jowar, onions, green chillies and peanut oil. Have healthy sorghum onion Indian bread for breakfast with a bowl of homemade curd to complete a healthy Indian breakfast.

 Jowar Pyaz Ki Roti ( Healthy Breakfast) Jowar Pyaz Ki Roti ( Healthy Breakfast)

3.      Methi Thepla are inherited part of gujju meals, it is used for regular meals, travelling and also for picnics. Gujarati methi theplas are super quick and easy to make.

 Methi Thepla, Gujarati Methi Thepla Recipe Methi Thepla, Gujarati Methi Thepla Recipe

Indian starters using peanut oil

Amazing starters recipe, using peanut oil making it healthier. Try these recipes and enjoy these starters with your guest.

1.      Broccoli and Paneer Tikki small round shaped snacks, usually around 2 or 3 inches in diameter. Oats are mixed with other ingredients like herbs, spices, paneer, onions and broccoli.

Broccoli and Paneer Tikki ( Healthy Starter)Broccoli and Paneer Tikki ( Healthy Starter)

2.      Paneer Pudina Tikki the flavour and texture of paneer is always highlighted when there is an optimal addition of herbs and seasonings. Of the many herbs, pudina works very well for the Indian palate.

 Paneer Pudina Tikki Paneer Pudina Tikki

3.      Corn and Potato Tikkis a delight to bite into! The crispy outer surface of the corn potato tikkis give way to a soft inside that merges the mellow sweetness of corn, the mushy texture of potatoes and the gooeyness of cheese.

4.      Green Peas, Potato and Paneer Cutlet involves making paneer mixture, potato mixture and a green peas mixture—all of which is to be mixed well and deep-fried.

Indian Snacks recipes using peanut oil 

Lip smacking Indian snack recipes. They are healthy for evening snacks and whenever you feel like munching something. 

1.      Ragda Patties one of the most famous street foods of Mumbai, is a satiating snack that is loved by people of all ages.

Ragda PatticeRagda Pattice

2.      Baked Palak Methi Puris for weight watching and a healthy low fat jar snack that you can binge on without being guilty.

 Baked Palak Methi Puris Baked Palak Methi Puris

3.      Oats and Poha Chivda made from dry roasting oats and poha. Then a tempering of Indian spices is made and added to the roasted poha and oats.

 Oats and Poha Chivda Oats and Poha Chivda

4.      Til Jowar Puri an iron-rich snack ideal for anytime and anywhere munching.

Benefits of Peanut Oil

Peanut Oil : This oil has the highest amount of MUFA (around 49%) amongst all the other remaining common cooking oils. The remaining 51% is PUFA and SFA. Most households in western Indian use peanut oil as a cooking medium. If you have to choose amongst the cooking oils, after avocado oil and coconut oil, this oil gets a spot-on. But when compared to other MUFA based oils, this oil is considered to be high in omega-6 fatty acids, which often may tend to harm your body without you realizing it. Read the super article of  which oil is the healthiest avoid vegetable oil

 Enjoy our peanut oil recipes, Indian  groundnut oil recipes given below.

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