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110 radish, mooli recipes

Last Updated : Apr 03,2020

मूली रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (radish, mooli recipes in Hindi)
મૂળા રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (radish, mooli recipes in Gujarati)

82 Radish Recipes, Indian Mooli, White Radish recipes

Radish recipes, Indian Mooli, Radish recipes. White Radish recipes.  Radish is also known as Mooli, Mula or Muli. It is a root vegetable with a crisp texture and a peppery hot flavour, which varies from mild to very strong depending on its age and type. 

Mooli Subzi, Radish Dry VegetableMooli Subzi, Radish Dry Vegetable

White Radish used in Indian Theplas, Parathas

white radish goes really well in theplas and parathas. Both radish and radish leaves are used in this mooli thepla recipe which is a famous healthy Gujarati paratha.

Curds are added to enhance the texture and flavour of the theplas. Mooli paratha recipe is a traditional Punjabi roti made with grated radish, radish leaves and whole wheat flour. They work perfectly to carry in your tiffin box. 

Mooli TheplaMooli Thepla

Another good use of mooli is the combination with the healthy nachni flour to make Radish Nachni Roti Recipe which is great for weight loss. 

 Radish Nachni Roti Radish Nachni Roti

Mooli used in Dals, Kadhis and Sambar

Mooli or white radish is used in Indian dals and kadhis.

Mooli is used extensively in Rajasthani cooking and combines well with yellow moong dal to make a healthy mooli moong dal recipe. For those with hypertension, try this low salt mooli moong dal recipe

 Mooli Moong Dal Mooli Moong Dal

The Gujarati kadhi from the Bhatia community is called Bhatia kadhi which is made from mooli, toovar dal, curds and spices. It is a swwet and sour version with cooked toovar dal, curds and vegetables. 

Bhatia KadhiBhatia Kadhi

The Mullangi Sambhar is an all-time favourite of the South Indians, especially those in Tamil Nadu where it is made very often. Being simple and easy, it is an everyday fare.

The strong flavour and aroma of radish together with the spiciness of the sambhar masala make this a mouth-watering treat.

Mullangi Sambar, South Indian Radish SambharMullangi Sambar, South Indian Radish Sambhar

Mooli is also used in salads. The mooli ka salad recipe is for mooli lovers as there is mooli and spices. Thats it. 

 Mooli ka Salad Mooli ka Salad

Benefits of White Radish, Mooli

Mooli (Radish) : Radish has many heart protective nutrients like Vitamin Cfolic acidcalciumpotassium and flavonoids. They are an amazing source of fibre which helps in lowering cholesterol levels.

The vitamin C in radishes is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can help arthritis patients. Potassium from radish can help lower your risk of kidney stones. See detailed benefits of radish

 Radish, Cucumber and Curd Dip  Radish, Cucumber and Curd Dip

Enjoy our white radish recipesradish recipes, Indian Mooli, Radish recipes given below. 

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The radish spinach paratha is different in every way. Spinach is used in the dough, while the radish is made into a flavourful stuffing. Instead of making routine stuffed parathas, here the radish mix is spread on a semi-cooked roti, which is then folded in half and cooked on a tava to make a cresce ....
mooli paratha recipe | Punjabi mooli paratha | traditional mooli ka paratha | radish paratha | diabetic friendly mooli paratha | with amazing 23 images.
Jowar has a rustic and homely flavour, which you will start preferring over even wheat flour once you develop a taste for it. Here, we have reinforced the jowar flour with grated mooli, which gives a splendid flavour and aroma upon cooking. Not only that, the moisture from the mooli keeps the Mooli ....
mooli sabzi recipe | mooli ki sabji | Punjabi mooli aur patte ki bhurji | radish dry vegetable | with 15 amazing images. mooli sabzi recipe is a
The Mullangi Sambhar is an all-time favourite of the South Indians, especially those in Tamil Nadu where it is made very often. Being simple and easy, it is an everyday fare. The strong flavour and aroma of radish together with the spiciness of the sambhar masala make this a mouth-watering treat ....
Mooli muthia, I love making muthias of different varieties, as they are steamed and easy to make. Not only that… they are an ideal way to incorporate flours and vegetables in your daily diet. These muthias taste good with radish and radish leaves, while curds contribute to the flavour of this ....
As the name suggests, this kadhi recipe hails from the bhatia community. It is a sweet and sour version made with cooked toovar dal water, curds and vegetables. This interesting combination of ingredients makes all the difference—be it in terms of taste or aroma. You can even add sliced potatoes to ....
Mooli or white radish is extensively used in Rajasthani cooking unlike in other parts of India where it's merely considered a salad vegetable. Radish adds sharp and pungent accents in this bland moong dal. And like all traditional Rajasthani recipes, this dal too, is tempered with ghee. Some househo ....
You can’t resist having a go at these parathas even as you are cooking them for your family, because the aroma is so tempting and the flavour, oh, it’s almost addictive! The whole wheat parathas are stuffed with grated radish cooke ....
A popular breakfast option in most north indian houses, theses parathas go well with a lot of subzis too. Here is an innovative version made with jowar flour and mashed potatoes, which help to make them soft.
The dazzling combo of methi and mooli makes this paratha a super-hit! Both radish and fenugreek leaves are ingredients with rare and unique flavours, including a bit of bitterness that is actually pleasing to taste. So, this paratha does not need too many spices to perk up its flavour. A little ....
Does the word ladoo immediately remind you of an ever-popular mithai? Well, surprisingly this is a savoury ladoo, served as a chaat. It is a classic, famous street food from Delhi, and can instantly spike up the tempo of any party that it is served in. The Ram Ladoo is a savoury titbit made with ....
Succulent cottage cheese, tangy curds, crispy veggies and a dash of red chilli flakes, grind them all together, and what do you get? A flavourful, cool and fresh-tasting dip! An easy garnish of carrots, celery and red chilli flakes gives the Veg Cream Cheese Dip the appropriate level of crunchiness ....
Be prepared for an adventurous experience packed into a salad bowl! The Mixed Sprouts Fruits and Veggie Salad has a little bit of everything, giving your palate a dynamic experience, with different flavours and textures. It is very satiating and ideal for weight-watchers as it includes a wise mi ....
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