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1187 whole wheat flour recipes

Last Updated : Feb 19,2020

गेहूं का आटा रेसिपी - हिन्दी में पढ़ें (whole wheat flour recipes in Hindi)
ઘઉંનો લોટ રેસીપી - ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો (whole wheat flour recipes in Gujarati)

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A delicious paneer based mughlai recipe.
You can add saunf for enhanced flavor. . . The same filling can be used without onions for taking along on a long journey.
A double coloured paratha. . . Attractive and delicious!
Satrangi Paratha is a seven layered Paratha recipe with wheat Rotis filled with urad dal mixture, boiled potatoes, coriander leaves,mint leaves, green chillies, grated paneer and spice powders in seven different layers . The Satrangi Paratha is then shallow fried with ghee and served as cut squares ....
A simple stuffed Paratha recipe with boiled dal as filling, Dal Paratha is tasty and also a complete meal in itself. Leftover dal can also be used to prepare dal paranthas and served with raita as breakfast or evening snack. are eat with achaar& chhuda
Spicy Dosa is prepared from a batter comprising of ground rice and lentils. The dosas are spread on a non stick pan and filled with a spicy masala mix as stuffing. Relish the crisp spicy dosas with coconut chutney.
Only 1 tsp of oil is used in the whole recipe.
quick, light and healthy
Matar paneer paratha exhibits a delicious mix of boiled peas and crumbled paneer as stuffing in the wheat paranthas.
An innovative paratha recipe. Dried fruit paratha is wheat roti stuffed with roasted and powdered dried fruits. The vitamin rich and heart friendly dried fruit parathas are tasty and simply irresistible.
Parathas made with a unique stuffing of rice flour. . .
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