Soya Rolls

Soya Rolls

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Soya rolls makes the basic roll recipe with a nice healthy twist. The soybeans are soaked, mashed and then mixed with spice powders, chillies, semolina and then made into roll. Enjoy as a healthy baked snack with chutney of choice.

Soya Rolls recipe - How to make Soya Rolls

Preparation Time: 15..   Cooking Time:    Total Time:     5


soya granules half cup
cahna dal 4 tbs,
garam masala 1 tes,
dhania pd 1 tes,
onion 1 small
red chilli pd to test,
turmeric pd,
salt to taste
green chilli 3,4
garlic 1 tes,
ginger (adrak)
maida half cup,
salt for maida,
oil 4 tbs,
corriander leaves,


  1. Make a dough with maida,salt and 4 tbs oil mix everything then add water to make dough type consistency,and keep it aside..then add 5 tbs oil in pan and add onion saute for 5 min...then add boiled soya granules saute nicely then add boiled chana dal mix garlic ginger saute until its cook,then add all dry masalas ans salt add corrander leaves at the