Spinach Lasagne Triangles

Spinach Lasagne Triangles

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A superb tasty g and appealing Spinach lasagne triangles can be prepared in an easy way at home. Simply place the lasagna strips with spinach and mushroom mixture as filling and wrap it up into a triangular shaped envelope. These lasagna triangles would then be served with spaghetti sauce as topping and grated cheese as garnishing. Bake the healthy lasagna with spinach mixture and serve hot.

Spinach Lasagne Triangles recipe - How to make Spinach Lasagne Triangles

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes   Cooking Time: 30 Minutes   Total Time:     4
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  1. Wash spinach well .
  2. Drain heat oil in a pan cook onions,garlic, till golden brown .
  3. Add spinach ,mushroom and cook till done and all water is dried up
  4. Add salt pepper,cheese,and cook for 3 mins
  5. Add ricotta cheese and remove from fire .
  6. Take the stips line them up put heavy spoon full of sppinach mixture on one side and fold in to triangle like patti samosa and keep folding till you reach end of strip do same for all in a dish.
  7. add layer of sapgetti sauce and layer these peices and add a layer of spagetti sauce again and cook in oven for 25 mins
  8. Garnish with grated cheese if you want on top