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 Top 10 Chocolate Recipes

Top 10 Chocolate Recipes

Chocolaty Treats You Can’t Resist

For chocolate lovers, a day without chocolate is a day wasted! The pleasantly bitter taste of cocoa feels like a gush of energy that stimulates them. Indeed, chocolate is one of the harmless indulgences that many people love. It also happens to be a versatile product that finds its way into many foodstuffs. From biscuits to chocolate, ice-creams and other desserts, chocolate fits in seamlessly. There are also several variants of chocolate with varying intensities of cocoa. Depending on the percentage of cocoa, these chocolates classify as dark or milky. There is also white chocolate, made with cocoa butter and milk solids. There are also vegan chocolates that do not have milk or butter – these are generally made with cocoa, sugar and cocoa butter, which is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean. You also get pure chocolate without sugar, which can be used by diabetics and also for cooking purposes.

Some people love chocolate so much that they can have a rich chocolate brownie topped with chocolate ice-cream, laced with chocolate sauce and garnished with chocolate chips! Others just like to pop a piece of chocolate into their mouth once in a while. Whatever be the intensity of your love for chocolate, you will find the recipe of your choice in this mailer.

The Eggless Chocolate and Orange Cake is a delicacy that everybody will relish. The intensity of chocolate is balanced beautifully by the tanginess of orange, giving this dessert a stimulating flavour. The Gooey Chocolate Muffins and the Fudge Fingers are gooey treats for chocolate lovers who are not flustered by sticky fingers or chocolate oozing out of their mouth when they bite into their dessert!

The Chocolate Swiss Roll, Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies and Quick Chocolaty Biscuits are evergreen treats that will make tea-time special. You can even surprise your kids by packing these as tiffin-time treats in their snack dabba. Chocolate Truffles are lumpy chocolate treats that have a soft, buttery, slightly grainy mouth-feel. The Chocolate Truffle Cake and Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream are other chocolaty inventions that harness the strength of truffles to delight the diners! For those who want a slightly milder, better balanced treat, the White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks are just right, as they strike a good balance between chocolaty and nutty flavours and textures.

There is no end to the number of chocolaty creations that exist in this world, and those that we – and you – can create with a little bit of imagination, or rather a bit of dreaming about chocolate! Indeed, this is one ingredient that nobody can resist – and it does deserve all the attention it gets. So, get going and enjoy every day of this week with all your favourite chocolate delights.

Top 10 Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate and orange are a made-for-each-other combination, be it in a cake or an ice-cream. This is because the fruity and tangy flavour of orange complements the intense, pleasantly bitter taste of cocoa. This amazing Eggless Chocolate and Orange Cake capitalises on the winning teamwork of chocolate and orange. A super soft and rich chocolate sponge is layered with a tangy orange cream and garnished with dark chocolate and some more yummy citrusy treats like orange segments and squash. This combo is simply the best, and this cake is assured to please anybody. You can go ahead and confidently pick this for any occasion. Also try other recipes like the Chocolate Truffle Cake or Black Forest Cake .
These Gooey Chocolate Muffins are more than what you would expect of a chocolate muffin... they are not only chocolaty but gooey too, oozing chocolate with every bite! Eggless chocolate-flavoured muffins are stuffed with chocolate chips before baking. The heat melts the chocolate chips to fill the muffins with a chocolaty sauce, which escapes from the muffin to meet your taste buds when you bite into it. Just close your eyes and take in an experience that you can never forget. These gooey muffins are an exciting after school treat for kids , just perfect for a Birthday Party or a High Tea Party , they make a delicious pudding when served with Ice-cream and are also a festive treat to give for Diwali and Christmas .
Chocolaty, gooey and chilled, these Fudge Fingers are simply too cool to refuse! A mind-boggling combination of chocolate, condensed milk, biscuits and nuts, this dessert is not only too tasty but also amazingly easy to make. You can cook these Fudge Fingers with your kids – you will find that they will enjoy both cooking and munching on the self-made treat. It is a nice way to spend time with them during the vacations. You can also make this for kids’ parties, so your children can show off their culinary skills to their friends. You can also try cooking other recipes with your kids, like Jam Tarts and Banana Walnut Muffins .
Cookies are a must to complete the Christmas experience. They are also a wonderful jar snack to have at home, to appease your sweet tooth as well as sudden hunger pangs. And, what better flavour of cookie to make than chocolaty ones! Here is the perfect recipe to make delightful Eggless Chocolate Cookies, which have an ideal melt-in-the-mouth texture and the sweet scent of vanilla, speckled with chocolate chips, which will add more joy to every bite.
Chocolate truffles are petit balls that are rich, soft and grainy. They are made of a mouth-watering combination of chocolate, butter, icing sugar and coffee powder. Once the truffles are made, they are rolled in cocoa powder, castor sugar and walnuts, enhancing the drool-quotient! this recipe uses a spot of rum as a flavour enhancer, but you can avoid it if you want to.
What can be more ideal for a special day than some homemade Chocolate Truffle Ice-cream. A creamy delight made with dark chocolate and fresh cream, the Chocolate Truffle Ice-creams will tap awake the child in every adult. Despite being a rich and lovable delight, it also has a mature dark chocolate flavour that even adults will love. To make it even more enjoyable, throw in some chocolate chips too.
The moment we think of Swiss Rolls, we immediately think of spongy vanilla cake rolls lined with mixed fruit jam. The Chocolate Swiss Roll is an innovative variant, which features chocolate cake rolls lined with luscious whipped cream. A drizzling of chocolate sauce further enhances the appeal of this delicious dessert , making it a treat beyond comparison, especially for chocolate lovers.
This recipe will give you the satisfaction of preparing a grand dessert all by yourself, right from start to end... from sponge to decoration! At the heart of this Chocolate Truffle Cake is a richly flavoured chocolate sponge with a hint of coffee flavour. This is sandwiched and coated with a creamy chocolate ganache, and topped with juicy chocolate-coated strawberries. Homemade chocolate decorations add to the charm of this Chocolate Truffle Cake. Depending on the occasion, you can make the decorations in various shapes and sizes. Don’t let the procedure overwhelm you. It is not actually that tough, and this video is there to guide you, so proceed confidently! Also do try other recipes like Mango Truffle Cake and Double Layered Chocolate Truffle Gateau .
If you love nuts and you love chocolate, then nothing can surpass the pleasure that these White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks will give you! With the awesome crunch of walnut praline and the soul-stirring flavour of white chocolate, this is one delicious dessert that you cannot restrict to meal time. You will want to walk up to the fridge and keep popping one into your mouth every once in a while. Indeed, homemade walnut praline is absolutely tantalising with just the right amount of sweetness and a fresh, crisp texture. You can imagine how much fun it would be to bite into chunks of white chocolate dotted with this delicious praline! Keep the White Chocolate Walnut Praline Rocks refrigerated.
An exotic treat for young ones, the Quick Chocolaty Biscuits is made by dipping Marie biscuits in chocolate sauce and covering them with enticing sprinkles of chocolate vermicelli, almonds, and so on. Freshly molten dark chocolate gives the biscuit a rich and intense flavour, which is much more delightful than readymade chocolate sauces. This yummy treat is surprisingly easy to prepare too! You can surprise your kids by sending it in their tiffin box or make a larger batch for parties too. Also pack Quick Chocolaty Biscuits in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo. Also pack Khakhra Chivda in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo.