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 Top 10 Dosa Recipes

Top 10 Dosa Recipes

Dosa – the Desi Pancake! Dosas for any time, any season

The Dosa is the ultimate desi pancake. Made with a wholesome, fermented batter of rice and urad dal, the dosa never fails to enchant the diner with its golden hue, crispy texture and pleasant flavour. Combine it with a range of chutneys, dry chutney powders and sambhar and it becomes a sumptuous, grand meal! Serve it simply with sambhar and coconut chutney and it makes a light but wholesome breakfast. Stuff it with a flavoursome potato masala and it becomes an all-time favourite evening snack. That’s dosa for you – versatile, convenient and tasty.

The traditional Dosa is made of a fenugreek tinged batter of rice and urad dal. It is an addictive breakfast choice and many South Indians carry a small grinder abroad with them just for the sake of making this yummy snack often. There are variants to this, such as the soft and spongy Set Dosa and the chutney-lined, masala-stuffed Mysore Masala Dosa. The Crispy Paper Dosa, which is usually served in a conical shape, is so crisp that its edges break like papad, while the centre is slightly softer!

Cook the dosas with ghee and you get the Kannada delicacy, Tuppa Dosa. Another favourite from Kannada cuisine is the Neer Dosa, a soft, super-white dosa made of a plain rice batter. This is served with a spicy curry or a sweet accompaniment of grated coconut sweetened with jaggery.

The Poha Dosa is another fabulous version, made of rice, poha and urad dal. A good dose of curds is added to the batter to give it a pleasant sourness and an awesome crispness. This dosa is unique because it is both spongy and crisp! Another stunning dosa is the Rava Dosa, which is made with a quick-fix batter of rice flour and semolina. It requires no grinding or fermentation and can be made in a jiffy any time. The batter is tempered with mustard, cumin and other ingredients, which give the Rava Dosa a superb flavor. This dosa is traditionally not spread on the tava but poured over it and allowed to spread by itself. So, it has an uneven shape and a crisp surface dotted with holes that form naturally when you pour the batter on a hot tava.

Being an all-time favourite, the Dosa also lends itself to a lot of innovation. With the growing popularity of Chinese cuisine in South India, people have started making dosas with Oriental stuffing, like the Paneer Chilly Dosa or Schezuan Chopsuey Dosa. Once you get the hang of it, you can even invent your own dosas. For example, you can sprinkle some tutti-frutti on the dosas or lace them with chocolate sauce, to make different options! Make a batch of batter in the weekend, and you can serve unique dosas every day of the week!

Top 10 Dosa Recipes

Dosa is as popular in South Indian cuisine as Idli is! Crisp and thin pancakes made of a rice and urad dal batter, dosas are even more exciting than idlis. In fact, while idlis are considered to be an easy, comfortable steamed food, dosas are often considered a more indulgent alternative! While dosas were traditionally made using iron griddles, nowadays non-stick tavas have made the job much easier. You can roast your dosas using oil, ghee or sometimes butter too! Enjoy them hot and crisp, with chutney and sambhar. If you are going to have the dosas after a while, make them slightly thick, so that they will remain soft and springy even after a while.
Poha has a knack of imparting both softness and crispness to a snack, as you can experience in this amazing Poha Dosa. The batter for this Poha Dosa is easy to make compared to the normal dosa because here you just need to soak and grind all the ingredients together. Once fermented, the batter of rice, rice flakes and urad yields wonderful dosas with an excellent texture. The fenugreek seeds and curds play several roles in this dosa – they improve the flavour and aroma, help in fermentation and enhance the crispness of the dosa. When you make the Poha Dosa, plan well in advance because there is a long soaking period and fermentation time. Enjoy these dosas hot and fresh with Chutney and Sambhar .
This dosa is sure to set your tongue on fire! We have cast some Chinese magic on dosa, the ever-popular South Indian snack, to make a unique and exciting dish. You can think of this as a Chinese counterpart for the popular Masala Dosa, just that the usual potato masala is replaced with a fiery paneer chilli stuffing. The stuffing has a spicy flavour and a wonderful texture, thanks to veggies like capsicum, cabbage, tomatoes, and more. It is important to use tomato ketchup in the stuffing because it balances the spiciness of the chillies. You can also try other interesting dosa recipes like the Rava Dosa and Neer Dosa .
An easy to make counterpart of the traditional dosa ! These crisp dosas are made with a batter of semolina and buttermilk. Since the batter does not have to be fermented for long, this is an ideal dish to serve the sudden guest! Also try other dosas like Stuffed Moong Sprouts Dosa , Buckwheat Dosa and Schezwan Cheese Dosa .
This is Mumbai’s own version of Mysore Masala Dosa. While the traditional Mysore Masala Dosa features chutney-smeared dosas with a simple potato masala rolled inside it, Mumbai’s street vendors offer a more exotic version, in which crispy dosas are smeared with a sweet, spicy and tangy Mysore chutney and rolled up with a unique masala of chopped and grated veggies perked up with our very own pav bhaji masala. This gives it an absolutely peppy and ‘local’ taste, as well as an interesting mouth-feel! Very sumptuous, this snack is nothing short of a complete meal, when served with hot Sambhar and fresh coconut chutney. Our website has a huge collection of over 129 dosa recipes, glance through these different types of Dosa recipes to learn more dosa varieties. Enjoy how to make Mysore Masala Dosa recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
Nothing like this Neer Dosa to soothe your palate! Made with a simple batter of raw rice, this dosa has a soothing flavour and a mildly chewy texture that is very appealing. The batter for this dosa does not require any fermentation. Although simplicity is the highlight of the Neer Dosa, it requires a bit of expertise to prepare it perfectly. Make sure the tava is really hot before pouring the batter, and ensure the dosa is cooked well before you try to remove it, else you will end up with bits and pieces instead of a nice, big dosa! If you like a bit of spice, serve it with coconut chutney or vegetable stew, else combine it with sweetened coconut churna. As a variant, grind some grated coconut along with the rice, for an even softer dosa.
Tuppa in Kannada means ghee, and that makes the highlight of this recipe obvious! This dosa is a special one, which is often made when there are guests. You can actually smell the ghee from outside the house, and it will make you drool! Since the batter for this dosa uses more urad than usual dosas, the Tuppa Dosa also turns out soft and fluffy, which makes it doubly delightful. The reddish brown hue, and rich aroma of ghee and fenugreek make this dosa a truly special culinary treat! Enjoy it hot off the tava with sambhar and chutney. Try other dosa recipes like Set Dosa and Neer Dosa .
Soft and spongy, this sumptuous dish is perfect for breakfast A very popular offering in South Indian restaurants, Set Dosa is a snack of fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth dosas, which are named so because they are usually served in pairs. These comforting and satiating dosas are quite a contrast to the usual image of crisp, golden dosas but they are perfect to have with chutney and sambhar or spicier accompaniments like kadala (chickpea) curry, vada curry or saagu.
Mumbai is a melting point of cultures, and this Schezuan Chopsuey Dosa is a perfect example of that vibrancy! Take the typical potato stuffing out of the Masala Dosa and replace it with a tongue-tickling Schezuan Chopsuey, and there you have a unique snack that is both filling and tasty. With noodles and colourful veggies, this dosa's stuffing is quite sumptuous too.
Crispy Paper Dosa is a super-star whose fame has carried it from South India to the most famous restaurants all over the world! As the name suggests, this dosa is golden brown, crispy and so thin that a huge dosa can be made with just a ladle or two of batter. In hotels, it is generally folded up into a cone or roll before serving, making it a hot favourite amongst kids. Serve hot with chutney and sambhar for a delicious South Indian meal.