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Kids Quick Veg Indian Recipes

The most common issue that all parents face is to make their child eat. Most children are fussy and picky eaters. Home cooked Indian quick kids recipes are far better than packaged foods as they contain hidden fats and unhealthy ingredients. Atleast you should know what your kid is having.

It is important to make sure their body is supplied with all the different nutrients in adequate quantity for their normal growth and development. We have also provided many healthy quick kids recipes. Know your child’s preference and prepare meals revolving around those ingredients. Also, since they are extremely active, they get hungry at the most unexpected time.

17 Items to stock up your kitchen for Quick Kids food.

  17 Items to stock up your kitchen for Quick Kids food.
1. Bread
2. Butter
3. Milk
4. Eggs
5. Cheese slice or cheese dip
6. Boiled vegetables
7. Leftover roti
8. Tortillas
9. Fruits and vegetables
10. Mayonnaise
11. Ketchup
12. Yogurt
13. Lefotver Noodles
14. Leftover Rice
15. Poha
16. Oats
17. Samosa Patti

Blend in some ingredients to make a lip-smacking smoothie or milkshake, combine different vegetables to make tikkis or cutlet or just spread some chutneys or sauces to make quick rolls and sandwiches. Here is a range of easy to make, quick delicacies for all the different occasions, which will surely help you to resist serving them packaged food.

Quick Kids Snacks:

Make snacks you can be sure that kids will eat and come back asking for more!

Noodle Vegetable Cutlets:
Nothing like mixing up vegetables with some boiled noodles to create some yummy Noodle cutlets. Go try your hand!

Corn and Potato Tikkis:
Got some boiled corn and potatoes? Treat your little one’s with these easy to make melt in the mouth crisp yet cheesy tikkis.

Semolina Pancakes
Just mix the semolina along with some vegetables and cook some delicious pancakes in less than 10 minutes!

Quick Kid’s Tiffin Recipe:

Skip the old boring sandwich and try some unique delicacies to surprise your little one’s!
Quick Carrot Dhokla:
Got some leftover idli batter post last night's dinner? Mix in some grated carrots to make spongy Carrot dhokla!

Vegetable Maggi:
Kids love 2-minutes noodles! How about tossing in some vegetables to make it healthy and colorful! We guarantee a clean tiffin box in return.

Pizza Rice:
How can anyone resist pizza or anything flavored with pizza? Try this quick pizza flavored rice with crunchy vegetables for your kid’s tiffin!

Quick Kids Smoothies and Milkshake:

With summers approaching, make these refreshing beverages for your kids to savor upon.
Banana Smoothie:
A rich source of calcium and iron, make this amazing banana smoothie for your kid’s breakfast.

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Milkshake:
What's better than combining most children’s top favorite food- nutella and Ferrero rocher? Nothing! Go blend it!
Mango Milkshake:
‘The king of fruits – Mango’ is here. Blend it with some milk and ice, serve chilled and watch them slurp the Mango Milkshake!


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