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 Easy Indian Veg Dips Recipes that You must Make

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Easy Indian Veg Dips Recipes that You must Make

You know how it is. Sometimes, it’s the subzi that gets more recognition than the pulao or roti it is served with. That’s how it is in the case of dips too. Packaged accompaniments like cheese sauce and tomato ketchup are getting quite boring; and even readymade salsa is not so exciting anymore. What you need to make your party or get-together the talk of town is a wonderful selection of dips to accompany your chips and snacks. The perfect combo of chips and dips like the Schezuan Mayonnaise Dip along with nacho chips also completes the experience of spending time with friends and family, or relaxing in front of the TV or with a good book.

 Nacho ChipsNacho Chips

Interestingly dips are also generally very easy and quick to prepare, and reduce the dependence on the actual finger food. So, you can make an elaborate spread of dips like Layered Mexican Dip.

 Layered Mexican Dip  Layered Mexican Dip

Queso Dip or the Broccoli and Red Capsicum Dip and simply put out some toasts, vegetable strips or a pack of store-bought chips, and there, you are all set to make a real culinary style statement!

Broccoli and Red Capsicum Dip

Broccoli and Red Capsicum Dip

Make sure you match the dips properly with the chips. If you are serving a platter, go for a well-balanced choice of dips including a cheesy one, a herby one, a tangy one, and so on. If you are serving just one dip and a one snack, make sure they are complementary. A creamy dip like the Quick Cheese Dip will go well with a spicy snack like chilli flavoured potato chips, and a tangy dip will go well with a sober snack, while a cheesy, herby dip might combine wonderfully with vegetable strips.

Quick Cheese Dip

Quick Cheese Dip

Make something unique with the taste of pizza this birthday party for your little one. Surprise their friends with Layered Pizza Dip. Kids are sure relish it with any kind of chips.

The famous restaurant style Melba Toast with Creamy Cheese Dip needs no introduction. Follow the procedure of making Melba Toast precisely and enjoy restaurant food in the comfort of your own house.

Tahini Dip is a completely different dip in all. It has hints of sesame seeds blended with curd, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil. Serve it with Lavash.

Tahini Dip ( Dip Recipe )  Tahini Dip

Chilli Dip is for all spice lovers. Made with Kashmiri chillies, garlic, onions, vinegar and soy sauce, it is something unique to try on.

Cheesy Spinach Dip is a 5 ingredient dip. Very simple to make and quite eye appealing, it is best served with melba Toast.

A must try dip using mayonnaise is Roasted Bell Pepper Dip. Sure to enjoyed by people of all ages. Serve it with potato wedges.

A quick dip using baked beans is Quick Chilli Bean Dip with Chips. Baked beans combines here with cheese spread. You can serve this dip hot or chilled. 

Chilli Bean Dip with Chips

Chilli Bean Dip with Chips

A true Indian style dip is Aachari Dip. A specially made aaachari mixture is whisked with curd to make this dip. Serve it with Khakhra of your choice and enjoy it.

Sundried Tomatoes Pesto and Cream Cheese Dip is yet another kitty party style dip. It is slightly time consuming, but you will feel it’s worth the efforts when you get applauded at the party.

Guacamole, Mexican Avocado Dip is equally famous amongst youngsters. It is a no cooking dip which is on table in a few minutes. Get some readymade chips and your starter is on the table to be served.


One cannot miss out on Hummus when we talk of dips. This Lebanese Dip is made with boiled kabuli chana and flavoured with garlic and lemon juice.


Looking for a healthy dip. Try Radish Cucumber and Curd Dip. With just 20 calories per tbsp., it is definitely a healthy addition to anyone’s diet.

Radish, Cucumber and Curd Dip

Radish, Cucumber and Curd Dip

Why should dips always be spicy and savoury. Try a sweet dip like Mocha Dip and satiate your sweet tooth. Serve it with marshmallows and vanilla cake pieces for a truly sinful experience.

So, put some thought into the planning – and within minutes you can put out a memorable snack. Just wait and see if somebody does not lick their fingers.

Easy Indian Veg Dips Recipes That You Must Make

Quick-to-cook tender red lentils absorb the deep garlic flavour in this dip, which is pepped up with a dose of lemon juice, a subtle infusion of cumin, and a blast of chilli powder. To enjoy some snappy fun, serve the pungent Garlicky Lentil Dip with bread sticks.
Schezwan mayonnaise dip | Indian style schezwan mayonnaise dip | mayonnaise and schezwan dip | with amazing 7 images A rare combination of Schezwan sauce and mayonnaise gives rise to a spicily delectable Schezwan mayonnaise dip, which combines perfectly with nacho chips. The flavour and texture of the Schezwan mayonnaise dip is greatly enhanced by the addition of spring onions and yellow capsicum, which complement each other not just in flavour but in texture and appearance too, making this a very appealing dip in all respects. Schezwan and mayonnaise dip is an easy and quick dip recipe to make. It is made with it with minimum and basic ingredients. It enhances the taste of whatever eaten with it. This is surely on my finger food platter when I have party at home! You can use Indian style schezwan mayonnaise dip to make wraps, salads, sandwiches or have it with pita bread or your favourite veggies. Serve Schezwan mayonnaise dip along with Lavash or Chips, to make a wonderful finger food. You can munch on it while watching a movie, but it is so tasty that it can be served at parties too! We have only used 5 ingredients in preparing Indian style schezwan mayonnaise dip recipe. The flavor is supremely satisfying. Enjoy Schezwan mayonnaise dip | Indian style schezwan mayonnaise dip | mayonnaise and schezwan dip | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video below.
This dip is far above anybody’s normal expectations! Layers of refried beans and salsa sauce are topped with cheese and baked till the layers fuse, giving rise to the Layered Mexican Dip, a dip so exciting that you it can transform any ordinary chips or even a slice of toasted bread or garlic bread into an exciting treat.
Queso Dip is a great accompaniment to crunchy nacho chips, as it provides a perfectly complementary blend of spice and cheese, which is what ‘queso’ means. Cheese slices melted with a mix of milk and chopped spring onions, garlic, chilli flakes and tomatoes gives the right balance of creamy cheesiness and juicy crunchiness to make this an ideal dip. It is very important to serve the Queso Dip piping hot and fresh, or it will become gummy.
The all-time favourite combo of Nacho Chips with Cheese Dip is not only energizing but also delightful to kids because they love the ‘chip-n-dip’ concept. It will be so much fun to find such an exciting option in the tiffin box that they would love to share it with their friends, so make sure you pack a little extra. You can use readymade nacho chips to save time. When making the dip, make sure you cook it for exactly the mentioned time although it might be a little thin then. We are removing it in a semi-done consistency because it is going to be packed in a box and eaten after a few hours, at which time it will be perfect! This flavourful cheese dip stays fresh in the dabba for 4 to 5 hours. Also pack some Healthy No Bake Cookies in another tiffin for a perfect short break combo.
Hummus recipe | Lebanese dip | Indian style hummus | healthy hummus dip | with amazing images. I have been making hummus Lebanese dip in my Indian kitchen for over 20 years. This is an easy, simple Indian style hummus recipe to follow for Indians, as we always have chickpeas in our kitchen. Hummus has a unique flavour of chickpea, olive oil and parsley. Very healthy to eat Indian style hummus with cucumbers or carrots and great for weight loss and Endurance Athletes. Notes on hummus Lebanese dip. 1. overcooked chickpeas work great too. If you want the chickpeas to go soft, you can add a pinch of cooking soda while pressure cooking so that the chickpeas cook properly. 2. Wait for the pressure to drop naturally before opening it. If you open it in a haste, the chickpeas will not have cooked properly. 3. Drain the kabuli chana. Tip: Keep aside some cooking water of the chickpeas to add to the blender if required. This liquid will give a smooth consistency to the hummus. 4. Finally add curd to the mixer. This might seem unusual but a few middle-eastern countries replace tahini with yogurt in their hummus for a tangier taste. If you want, you can avoid the curd and put tahini instead. Hummus, the famous traditional Lebanese spread, has a creamy chickpea texture. It tastes fantastic when served as apart of a mezze platter with Pita Bread or vegetables. Learn to make Hummus recipe | Lebanese dip | Indian style hummus | healthy hummus dip | with step by step photos and videos below.
cheese fondue recipe | Indian style cheese fondue | quick cheese fondue without wine | with 12 amazing images. cheese fondue recipe is an Indian style cheese fondue. Cheese Fondue is a concept that originated in the Swiss, French and Italian communities, but gained popularity all over the world, so much that some countries celebrate a National Cheese Fondue Day! Indian style cheese fondue is one recipe that will definitely help in making your guests drool and be your fan! It is a perfect party starter recipe. In fact, the phrase ‘melting pot of cultures’ might have originated from the cheese fondue custom because it is a potful that brings everybody together. cheese fondue is a super easy and quick dip. All you need to make quick cheese fondue without wine is 4 ingredients. Indian style cheese fondue is made with processed cheese, butter, garlic and plain flour. A special sauce of cheese, milk and garlic, the cheese fondue is traditionally served in a pot, into which people dip pieces of bread and devour joyfully! However, it is also perfectly suitable to serve it in small bowls as a dip for any finger food. Enjoy cheese fondue recipe | Indian style cheese fondue | quick cheese fondue without wine | with detailed step by step recipe photos and video.
Roasted and peeled brinjals along with red pumpkin, spices and lemon juice makes a creamy and tangy dip that is ideal to have with cucumber strips. This dip has a rich flavour and a really enticing mouth-feel that linger in your memory for a long time. Not only that, this zero-oil Smoked Brinjal and Pumpkin Dip with Cucumber Strips is also satiating and keeps you full for some time, making it a good low-cal snack for weight watchers.
The chilli bean dip is a creamy yet spicy combo of baked beans, spring onions, garlic, spices, and gooey cheese spread! despite the fiery look and the spicy title, this dip is actually moderate enough for even kids, thanks to the addition of cheese to it. Serve warm with chips, garlic bread or toasted bread rolls.
A flavourful and healthy avocado-based dip, Guacamole originated in Mexico but has now become popular all over the world not just as a dip but also as a salad dressing and sandwich topping. Ensure you take ripe avocados to avoid a raw taste that displeases the taste buds! Once you have made the right choice of fruit, there is nothing more to this dip that chopping and mixing in varied ingredients like tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc. A dollop of fresh cream enhances the texture and mouth feel, while the lemon juice imparts a refreshing tang and also prevents discoloration of the avocado pulp.