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Mrs.Tarla Dalal

Here is the story of an individual, who went on to become a brand, which lives on…

Born in Pune, India, Mrs. Tarla Dalal moved to Bombay after her marriage. In 1966, she started cookery classes from her residence. Her classes became a phenomenal success, with a long waiting-list of students wanting to join them. At one time, it was being said, “If you want to get your daughter married, send her to Mrs. Dalal's classes.” That was because students always became experts in cooking, by the end of their sessions!

As a logical extension to cookery classes, she started writing cookbooks so she could reach out to more people. She has written a total of 170 titles, several of which have been translated into various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and even Dutch and Russian! The vast range of books she has brought out shows her deep understanding of cookery as an art and science. From nutrition and health to Indian and international cuisine, from traditional to innovative, everyday cooking to grand menus, her books help readers cook what they like in the best possible way. Her multi-cuisine and course cookbooks, along with her very successful health series, have sold over 6 million copies.

She also loved doing cookery shows as they provided an opportunity to interact with her readers. She has reached out to so many people through her television and live shows, not only in India but also in global locations such as Tokyo, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Antwerp, Lisbon, Zurich, Nairobi, London, Toronto, New York and Durban. What touched many people was the fact that many of her shows were done for charity. Her cookery show Cook it Up with Tarla Dalal was aired weekly on Sony Entertainment Television for three years. The show was broadcast all over South East Asia, India, the Gulf, UK and even the US.

Who cannot be in awe of such a person! In 2005, the Indian Merchant Chamber honoured Smt. Tarla Dalal as “Woman of the Year”. In 2007, Mrs. Dalal was awarded the “Padmashree Award” – the biggest award an Indian can dream of achieving – for her contribution in the field of cooking. She is the first Indian to have been awarded in this category.

Indeed, Mrs. Dalal has left behind a legacy, which her son Sanjay and his team continue to carry forth, to ensure that her work benefits the coming generations as well.

Current Projects

  • www.tarladalal.com : Mrs. Dalal made tarladalal.com one amongst the top 10 cookery sites in the world, and the team aims to make it into the top five. The recipes, images and videos on the site are updated on a daily basis, so users are always greeted with something new to cook! The online repository has over 19000 recipes and 10000 images, not to forget the glossary, recipe search and other exciting features. Click here to know more about tarladalal.com.
  • tarladalal.com in Hindi : There is also a Hindi variant of the website, which helps reach out to more Indians. This site is updated on a weekly basis and already has 1200 recipes and images along with an informative glossary that helps understand the ingredients in more detail. Plans for a Gujarati website are also on the anvil.
  • tarladalal.com in Gujarati : As a recent initiative, we have launched tarladalal.com in Gujarati too. The site is updated weekly and already has an interesting collection of recipes and images. We are working towards translating the glossary also into Gujarati.
  • Mobile Site (m.tarladalal.com) The mobile-friendly version of tarladalal.com has all the goodies that the main website has, in an easily-accessible format. The mobile site is available in Hindi and English, and apart from recipes, glossary and other features, the mobile sites also give you access to all the videos on tarladalal.com.
  • Glossary : A world-class glossary with images helps users to understand most of the ingredients that they use while trying our recipes. The glossary gives detailed information about each ingredient, including practical tips on how to buy, how to store, and how to use the ingredient, along with valuable information on its health benefits too.
  • Cookbooks : Sanjay & Co. has published 170+ cookbooks by Tarla Dalal. Apart from bringing out new cookbooks periodically, the team also updates the old books, modifying the recipes to suit current trends in health, ingredients and equipment. You can also buy Tarla Dalal Cookbook from Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Videos on YouTube : Subscribe to our YouTube channel, which has over 1.25 lakh subscribers currently, to watch one new cooking video everyday! We have a repository of 1000+ videos by Mrs. Dalal and her team, with new ones being created every day, as a visual tool that simplifies the preparation of even complex recipes!
  • Tarla Dalal App : Our food app is a bestseller on Apple’s App Store and quite popular on Google Play too! The app is an extension to www.tarladalal.com, and helps you easily find and view recipes and videos on your mobile device. Its Advanced Search helps you find recipes that satisfy various combinations of ingredients, cuisines, course and even health requirements. You can even save recipes to your cookbook and create shopping lists.
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