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Thanks to Pizzas and Pastas, Italian cuisine has become a household affair in India and other parts of the world too. Indeed, Italian cuisine is varied and pleasing, with a heavy influence of herbs, garlic and olive oil. Most dishes are either tomato-based or white sauce based, and seem incomplete without a generous garnish of cheese! Wine too is used in several exquisite Italian creations.

Mushroom and Bell Pepper Pizza , Quick Tomato Pizzas , Pizza Margherita , Mac N Cheese and Pasta in Red Sauce are some must-try Italian recipes. You will find these are many other treasures in this section. As you browse through the recipes here, you will be surprised to find that Italian cooking is amazingly simple. There are some fabulous dishes that use just four ingredients! Delve in to discover the magic for yourself.

Pizza Margherita , a soft crust topped with a zesty pizza sauce and smothered with a generous layer of cheese, this basil flavoured pizza is sure to impress you with its simple elegance.

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Top Recipes

This homemade Four Cheese Pizza poses stiff competition to popular store-bought variants like ‘cheese burst’ and ‘cheese overload’. This pizza is made from the ground up – we are going to make everything from the dough to the base and the toppings ourselves – and that is what gives it a totally fabulous texture and flavour. Herby seasonings add a lot of punch to this cheesy pizza, which is topped with four delectable varieties of cheese and tomatoes. An abundance of cheese also means that this pizza must be enjoyed as soon as it is baked, before the cheese gets chewy, so be ready with your fork and knife! To enhance your pizza meal pair it with a glass of your favourite beverage.
Crostini, a classic combination of bread, olive oil and garlic which has been enjoyed for hundreds of years, is also called "bruschetta" around rome. Although unique to italy, similar toasts are eaten in greece, france and in particular spain. Good bruschetta relies on the quality of the olive oil and the amount of garlic used. The former can never be too good while the latter should not be restrained. Cubes of firm ripe red tomatoes marinated in olive oil, combined with fresh aromatic basil leaves topped on crispy bruschetta, are starters that can liven up any dinner party!
Pizza is a fast food that leaves lot of room for your creativity! Topped with veggies and sauces, you can have it just the way you like it. However, there are times when you wish for a simple, cheesy pizza with minimal ingredients. The Pizza Margherita comes in handy at such times. A soft crust topped with a zesty pizza sauce and smothered with a generous layer of cheese, this basil flavoured pizza is sure to impress you with its simple elegance. Enjoy with a glass of Pineapple and Lemonade Drink or Fresh Peach Fizzy Drink by the side.
White butter beans called cannelini (in florence) are the traditional base for soups. These beans are cooked and used to quickly assemble flavourful and wholesome soups. You can choose any combination of vegetables. This is a soup with the look of summer and is delightful when had with a loaf of garlic or crusty bread.
Tomato cups scooped and filled with a creamy spaghetti mixture.
If you want to start a party on the perfect note, start with crostinis. Dainty crisped pieces of bread with delectable toppings, crostinis are amongst the world’s most favourite starters . This one, we’d say, is even better than the rest because mangoes give it a totally off-beat feel! In this yummy starter, the crostinis are topped with a rare combo of mangoes, burrata cheese, jalapenos and sprouts, which gives an ideal mix of flavours and textures. The Mango and Burrata Cheese Crostini tastes wonderful and will be loved by all your guests. You can also include more crostini recipes like Avocado and Cherry Tomato Crostini and Ricotta and Basil Crostini .
Dainty little slices of crisp bread, topped with appetizing ingredients like cheese, veggies, herbs and sauces, crostinis are undoubtedly one of the most popular starters from the Italian repertoire. A platter of Crostini enjoyed with a bowl of hot soup is nothing short of a heavenly experience. In this particular variant, the crostini is coated with a luscious and tasty spread of ricotta cheese and garlic, and topped with a scrumptious combo of spinach and sesame seeds. Another unique aspect of this Ricotta and Spinach Crostini is that the bread is brushed with coconut oil instead of olive oil, a special touch that will make you go ‘wow’!
The culinary art knows no barrier, whatsoever. It is limited only by one’s imagination. You can take an Indian variant of rice and top it with an Oriental sauce, you can take a classic Italian ingredient like macaroni and cook it in Indian style. Well, what stops you! This fusion delicacy features perfectly cooked macaroni, perked up with a range of delicious veggies, a dash of tomato ketchup and tongue-tickling desi spice mixes like garam masala and pav bhaji masala. A garnish of grated cheese gives the Indian-Style Macaroni a fabulous finishing touch. The total effect is absolutely awesome, and gives you the best of both worlds. Serve with Ladi Pav Garlic Bread .