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Macaroni in A Hurry Video

Kids like not just the name, but the macaroni in hurry recipe as well. An age-old recipe that we liked as kids (and continue to like), and our kids are sure to love too. The small size and funny shape of macaroni catches kids’ attention and invites them to take a spoonful. Once they try it, the vegg ....

Mixed Dal Handvo Video

Mixed dal handvo is a traditional gujarati savoury cake, which is a nutritious meal in its own right when served with chutney and buttermilk. Although readymade flour is available in the market, we suggest you try this version to experience the true flavour.

Papadi (chaat) Video

Papdis are crispy small flat puris used in Indian chaats. Making papadi at home requires slight effort and time, but that's worth it. Learn how to make fried papdi for chaat at home in a step-by-step fashion. To make papri recipe, you need only 4 ingredients – maida, carom seeds, salt and oil. Kn ....

Tamarind Rice Video

This rice preparation is well-known all over south india, although there are likely to be mild variations in the way it is performed in various regions.

Homemade Rasam Powder Video

Rasam powder is a key ingredient in South Indian cooking. Although South Indian rasam powder is available readymade in stores, most people prefer to make it at home in small or large quantities depending on their requirement. Learn how to make rasam powder.

Baked Gulab Jamun Cheesecake Video

gulab jamun cheesecake recipe is a mix of 3 popular desserts, Indian gulab jamun, motichoor ladoo and cheesecake. The gulab jamun cheesecake has a base of gulab jamun, ladoo and digestive biscuits which are then topped with a cheesecake.

Creamy Pesto Pasta Video

Pesto, a sauce made of nuts and herbs is made richer here by the addition of spinach, which gives it a vibrant colour, unique flavour and creamier texture too. Along with olive oil and cheese, it makes a great home for perfectly cooked fusilli.

Mysore Pak Video

This delicious Indian sweet is from South India has a granular texture. Soft Mysore Pak recipe is a recipe made with 4 basic ingredients in which besan is cooked in sugar syrup and then with a generous amount of ghee and small quantity of oil.

Nachni Dosa Video

Ragi dosa also known as nachni dosa or finger millet dosa is consumed as breakfast in South-Indian states and now also all over India because of the health benefits of finger millet! Ragi is a super millet which is commonly eaten in South Indian states, generally milled to flour and used to make ....

Kaju Puri Video

Kaju Puri consists of cashewnuts, almonds, sugar cardamom powder and saffron. While cashewnuts can just be powdered, the almonds need to be soaked in hot water for 15 minutes, deskinned, pat dried with a muslin cloth and then powdered. To this powdered sugar, cardamom powder and saffron are added an ....

Chana Dal Halwa Video

chana dal halwa is a popular Indian dessert which is made during celebrations and get togethers in the house. During Indian festivals like diwali, baisakhi and holi chana dal halwa is made.

How To Make Spinach Purée Video

Spinach Puree also known as Palak puree is cooked spinach, that is grounded to a creamy paste consistency. It is used in many Indian gravy dishes like Palak Paneer and soups like Palak Shorba .

Makhane ki Kheer Video

Makhane ki kheer video, with their interesting puffed appearance are a favourite with everybody, right from children to adults. While savoury snacks using Makhane are a hot favourite, these lotus seeds also lend themselves beautifully to sweet dishes, such as this Makhane ki Kheer.

Sitaphal Basundi Video

Sitaphal basundi is a rich and delicious mishtan of thickened milk, variation to plain gujarati basundi very similar to the North Indian rabdi, it is basically just boiling the milk in a thick bottomed pan till the milk is reduced.

Jini Dosa Video

Buttery and cheesy Jini Dosa is the Mumbai roadside vendor’s answer to pizza! Dosas cooked in butter are topped with a succulent and spicy mixture of veggies, which is also cooked in butter! This is then garnished with loads of cheese and cooked for a few more minutes till the cheese melts and appet ....