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Perhaps due to the royal heritage of the region, or due to the unique characteristics of the cuisine brought about by the region’s extreme climate and rare vegetation, Rajasthani cuisine is quite different from all other cuisines and is very fascinating too! Rajasthani food is usually spicy and makes use of loads of ghee, without which no dish is complete. Heart-warming meal combos like the Dal-Baati-Churma and other specialties like Panchmel ki Subzi , Gehun ki Bikaneri Khichdi and Mangodi ki Dal are popular all over the country and this section shows you how to recreate the magic in your own kitchen.

Dal-Baati-Churma three-in-one treat is a typical Rajasthani treat. The Rajasthanis specialise in serving sweet and savoury dishes in combinations that steal the heart and delight the taste buds. A platter of semi-sweet Churma, spicy Dal and deep-fried Baati, is one such traditional combination. Fresh baatis drowned in piping hot dal is a perfect accompaniment for churma.

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