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Salads are as close to nature as our food can get! Packed with fresh, fibrous and nutritious ingredients like raw fruits, sprouts and veggies, salads are also as tasty as can be, thanks to the exciting blend of textures, flavours and natural aromas.

Salads can be cold like the Sweet Corn and Kidney Bean Salad, or warm; they can be simple like the Fire and Ice Tomato Salad, or with tasty dressings, such as the Bean Sprouts Salad in a Peanut Chilli Dressing! Salads must be included with every meal, and it is quite easy to do this because they can fit into any course, whether as a veggie salad to accompany your starters, a raita or kachumber with the main meal, or a fruit salad for dessert!

Top Recipes

A sweet and hot classic Thai salad of raw papaya, tomatoes and long beans in a nutty tamarind chilli ....
Baby potatoes are a perfect match for greens and herbs, as its neutral flavour and soft texture comb ....
Believed to have been first created in Mexico by an Italian restaurateur named Caesar Cardini, the C ....
Thai cooking is generally characterised by the generous use of peanuts and coconut milk. In this mix ....
Think beyond the traditional cucumber when making raita. How about using boiled and mashed yam? you ....
Lettuce, corn and tomatoes are a great combination for a salad. Basil lends a very unique aroma and ....
This is unique and healthy salad.
First things first, this Spinach Raita is a pleasure to look at – with vibrant green shreds of spina ....


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