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 8 Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds, Jeera

8 Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds, Jeera

Benefits of Cumin Seeds, Jeera. Cumin is a spice which are the seeds of the Cuminum cyminum plant. Ayurveda prescribes jeera as a remedy for several health problems. So wise were our grannies that they decided to add it to their spice box and use it in everyday cooking, to ensure its sustained health benefits to the family. Not only common in Indian kitchen, but jeera is also used in various Asian cuisines.

The oblong, brown-coloured cumin seed is one of the most popular spices, thanks to its distinctive aroma, and warmly bitter flavour. It is very easy to include cumin seeds in any cooking as it mainly forms a part of tempering. Being pleasant in taste it is widely accepted by many too!

While buying cumin seeds ensure that the seeds have a good aroma and the seeds are not broken. On touch you will feel that even the non-roasted jeera is crisp. Store it in cool, dry place in an air-tight container so that it maintains its aroma and flavor. It stays fresh upto 5 to 6 months or even more.

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Nutritive Information of Cumin Seeds, jeera
1 tbsp of cumin seeds is about 6 grams
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.
Energy – 23 calories
Protein – 1.1 vg
Carbohydrate – 2.3 g
Fat – 1.3 g
Fiber – 0.6 g


55.9 mg of Calcium = 9.3% of RDA (about 600 mg)

4 mg of Iron = 20% of RDA (about 20 mg)

29.9 mg of Phosphorus = 5% of RDA (about 600 mg)

22 mg of Magnesium = 6.5% of RDA (about 340 mg)

107 mg of Potassium = 2.3% of RDA (about 4700 g)

8 Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds, Jeera

1.     Cumin Seeds and Digestion: The most common benefit of jeera known to many is to soothe the stomach, intestine and the entire digestive tract. The presence of essential oils in cumin seeds are said to enhance digestion by way of stimulating the acid in the stomach and juices like pancreatic juices which contain enzymes pancreatic amylase and lipase. The amylase helps in the digestion of starch, while the lipase helps in the digestion of fats in small intestine. This action thus not only promotes digestion but in other words it prevents constipation too.

Use fruits and veggies that you have in pantry and use crushed cumin seeds in its dressing to pep it up as we have done in Lettuce and Apple Salad. It has brimming with other stomach nutrient – fiber too!

 Lettuce and Apple Salad

Lettuce and Apple Salad

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2.     Cumin Seeds and Anemia: Cumin seeds are apparently a very good source of iron. A tbsp. of cumin seeds can fulfil nearly 20% of days iron requirement. Isn’t that impressive? How about making Moong Dal and Palak Cheela, which has spinach, moon dal, turmeric powder and cumin seeds – all iron rich ingredients. Try it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – it is sure to give you a feeling of satiety.

 Moong Dal Palak Cheela, Indian Pudla Snack

Moong Dal Palak Cheela, Indian Pudla Snack

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3.     Cumin Seeds and Bone Strength: Even small quantity of cumin seeds has huge amounts of calcium – a bone supporting mineral. Calcium absorption reduces after the age of 30 and so we need to have calcium rich foods in our daily diet to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Avoid that excess deep-fried foods and munch on a non-fried healthy Crunchy Cumin Seed Cracker, as excess fat hinders calcium absorption.

 Crunchy Cumin Seeds Cracker

Crunchy Cumin Seeds Cracker

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4.     Cumin Seeds and Skin Health: These tiny seeds also bundle some antioxidants in them which are said to help overcome acne, wrinkles and scars. They help is showing the signs of ageing. Cumin Oil is often used in cosmetology to get a glow on the skin. However its use is promoted only under the supervision of a Dermatologist.

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5.     Cumin Seeds and Body Detoxification: The antioxidant power of cumin also helps to cleanse the body by removal of harmful toxins.

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6.     Cumin Seeds and Weight Loss: Cumin seeds is not really high in calories. They aid is digestion and help reduce inflammation. Thus when they are soaked in enough water overnight, strained and mixed with lemon juice are known to promote weight loss.

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7.     Cumin Seeds and Insomnia: The essential oils in cumin seeds have been recognized to tranquilizing effects, which eases stress and anxiety, which are most often the causes of insomnia.    

8.     Cumin Seeds and IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease of the colon in which the person experiences episodes of diarrhea and constipation. Cumin seeds in such cases has been recognized as a better spice to temper your food with instead of mustard seeds.

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8 Health Benefits Of Cumin Seeds, Jeera