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 Health Benefits of Garlic, Lehsun

8 Health Benefits of Garlic, Lehsun + 7 healthy garlic recipes

Garlic, Lehsun
Garlic is the most commonly used flavoring ingredient in Indian recipes and is used as a seasoning worldwide. It has a unique taste and adds a strong flavor to the recipes. Traditionally, garlic has been used as a treatment for many ailments due to its magical medicinal properties. Crushing garlic cloves will release the sulphur compound allicin which has fantastic health benefits. So always crush the cloves 10 mins before using them in curries, salads and soups. While cutting with knife will not be as much effective as crushing.

Given below are 8 crucial health beneftis of Garlic plus 7 healthy recipes using Garlic. Enjoy your added health benefits of Garlic by following our recipes.  

7 Health benefits of Garlic : Healthy Heart, Blood Pressure and Diabetes…

1. Lowers Cholesterol
Garlic has been proven to lower cholesterol (1) and thin the blood, which helps to prevent stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease. Garlic is great for the heart and circulatory system. A cholesterol free garlic recipe like Garlicky Cabbage and Spinach Salad will help in reducing your bad cholesterol levels.


2. Helps in Blood Pressure Control
The active ingredient allicin present in garlic aids in lowering blood pressure (2). People with hypertension should chew 2-3 garlic cloves to bring down their blood pressure or can make recipes with raw garlic like Garlicky Hummus and Fresh Garlic Chutney to bring down their blood pressure.


3. Good for Diabetics
Garlic is also alleged to help regulate blood glucose levels. Regular and prolonged use of therapeutic amounts of aged garlic extracts lower blood homocysteine level. In a study, raw garlic had a profound effect in reducing the glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels (3). You can make diabetic friendly rotis using garlic like Jowar Bajra Garlic Roti and Garlic Roti, Green Garlic Multigrain Roti that are also fibre rich and helps to prevent glucose from shooting up.


4. Promotes Gut Health/Antimicrobial
Freshly crushed Garlic cloves are used as a remedy for infections (especially chest problems), digestive disorders, and fungal infections as it contains allicin which has antimicrobial activities. Allicin has protective activities against bacteria, fungus, parasites and virus (4).


5. Treats Cold
Garlic has an antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal function and can help in relieving common cold and other infections. The chemical compound in garlic, Allicin, is found to be highly effective in treating cold. In a study, it was observed that allicin was helpful in preventing and treating patients with common cold (5). Garlicky Beetroot Soup is a good option to keep infections at bay.


6. Antioxidants
An antioxidant protects the cells of the body from damage by harmful molecules called free radicals. The thiosulphate compound, Allicin found in garlic acts as a strong antioxidant and protects our body from oxidative damage (6). A tangy chutney like Garlic Tomato Chutney will zest up your sandwiches or rolls.


7. Anti-inflammatory
Garlic and onion have anti-inflammatory properties and may help in inflammatory conditions like arthritis (7).


8. Protective Against Cancer
It blocks the growth of cancer cells; therefore, people who eat garlic tend to develop less stomach and colon cancers. Garlic has also been associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer (8).




7 healthy garlic recipes

The best way to consume garlic in larger quantites is the make a fresh garlic chutney. As a healthy starter, one should try the garlic hummus recipe. For Indian breads, garlic is used in a healthy jowar bajra garlic roti or green garlic multigrain roti. We also have a garlicky beetrrot soup for you. Enjoy our healthy garlic recipes below. 

To include garlic in your Indian diet, try from our 2,900 garlic recipes

8 Crucial Health Benefits Of Lehsun Garlic

This chutney is usually is made using dry coconut, which is high in saturated (bad) fat. I made this healthier, low fat version by completely avoiding the use of coconut. This chutney tastes equally tasty and zings up the flavour of snacks may it be Oil- Free Vada Pav , garlic works as a heart-friendly food as it helps to decrease cholesterol levels thereby protecting our heart form any damage.
A combination of red and regular cabbages gives this Garlicky Cabbage and Spinach Salad an appealing countenance with contrasting colours, which is further accentuated by shredded spinach. Grated carrot adds a mild sweetness to this salad, while walnuts impart a salty nuttiness that you are sure to relish. The dressing, made of garlic, mustard powder and lemon juice is the highlight of this recipe as it defines the actual, strong flavour of this salad. Delightfully oil-free, this salad requires no cooking and is an easy snack for weight-watchers to toss up in a jiffy. It is also amply nutritious, with vitamin C from cabbage, vitamin A from spinach and omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts. For a healthy crunchy snack, stuff a non-fried Batata Vada or a Stuffed Patties between 2 slices of bread, top it with Garlicky Cabbage and Spinach Salad and spread some Anardane Te Phudine ki Chutney .
Thanks to Mediterranean cuisine for giving us this exciting dip! Chickpea is one of the most versatile beans that abounds in all major nutrients like vitamins A and C, iron, calcium as well as fibre. Hummus makes good use of this useful bean, by making it into a chutney-like form that can be used as a spread for breads or as a dip for finger foods. Garlicky Hummus is a healthier version of the traditional Hummus, which makes use of loads of olive oil. In this Diabetic friendly version, we have drizzled just half a teaspoon of olive oil as part of the garnish, along with herbs and spice powders for a peppy flavour. We also suggest serving it with fibre-rich cucumber and carrot sticks rather than pita bread.
These taste really good when served piping hot with ghee. . . The tinge of garlic gives a nice twist to these bland rotis. . . Very easy to make and definitely worth a try!
Spring is a wonderful season, for it brings us rare treats such as green garlic! Green garlic has a milder flavour compared to dried ones, and this makes it appealing to even those who are not very fond of garlic. We have made use of this wonderful ingredient to make delicious multi-grain rotis, which are healthy, satiating and mouth-wateringly tasty. Garlic is an anti-hypertensive food, rich in compounds that prevent the thickening of blood and clogging of blood vessels. To add to this goodness, we have also used fibre-rich flours like jowar and bajra to make the Garlic Roti a superb food for those with High Blood Pressure . When fresh garlic is not in season, used finely-chopped regular garlic or garlic paste.
This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky This soup is sure to win your heart with its lovely colour, irresistible creaminess and zesty flavour. In fact, the Garlicky Beetroot Soup, despite not using potatoes or cream, is much creamier than you would expect, thanks to the addition of wheat flour. Healthful garlic is a surprise addition to this soup, but blends beautifully with dainty beetroot, which is another interesting reservoir of nutrients. Beetroot helps improves your looks, with better complexion and hair. Betacyanin, the antioxidant in beetroot helps to reduce the cholesterol levels and protect the heart too.
A unique twist has been given to the simple garlic chutney by adding tomatoes and spring onions to it. Tomato gives it the much needed tang, while the coriander and spring onion greens add to the crunch and earthy flavour. This chutney compliments mint and masoor rolls and whole wheat salad wrap.