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 Benefits of Dates (Khajur)

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8 Super Benefits of Dates (Khajur)

Fruits of the date palm tree, grown in many of the tropical regions of the world….. Dates have become a very popular fruit in the past few years. Medjool and Deglet Noor are the two popular varieties of fresh dates. They are also available in dried form, though the fresh ones are the most common and holds more culinary presence.

Well, let's understand how these dates benefits us….

1. Replacement for Sugar Date flesh is rich in sugars like glucose and fructose hence can be used as a natural sweetener instead of sugar which is an empty calorie. Try adding them to your salads, smoothies and mithais for that sweet touch for your tongue.

2. Good Source of Fiber 1 cup of dates (90 gm) gives around 8.05 gm of fiber (26.8% of RDA of 25 to 30 gm) and just about 4 dates gives 1.8 gm of fiber (6% of RDA) which is very good for our digestive system It will help keep your gut and bowels healthy. Try this fibre rich carrot apple and date salad which is also good cure for constipation.   

Carrot, Lettuce and Date SaladCarrot, Lettuce and Date Salad

3. Rich in Antioxidants Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals that react with the cells of your body and lead to many diseases.

Dates are a very good source of Flavonoids, Carotenoids and Phenolic Acid that can protect us from different types of cancer, heart diseases and eye disorders as all of them are anti-inflammatory. This oats and dates kheer is a healthy recipe to try. 

Oats and Dates Kheer, Healthy Indian Dessert Without Sugar

Oats and Dates Kheer, Healthy Indian Dessert Without Sugar

4. Makes Bones Stronger Dates are a fairly good source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus all of which are very good for improving your bone health. So a glass of milk with dates will boost the calcium intake and make your bones stronger. Do not miss out on it for breakfast.

5. Manages Cholesterol Level As dates are a good source of fiber it will lower down the cholesterol level and will also aid in weight loss. Dates per se are devoid of cholesterol and fat, hence they find place in a cardiac menu. But remember moderation is the key to health. Do not go overboard. Chocolate date and almond milk is a super heart friendly recipe to try. 

Chocolate Date Almond MilkChocolate Date Almond Milk

6. Maintains Kidney Health A cup of dates contain 703 mg of potassium (14.95% of RDA) which helps in the regulation of blood pressure and also prevents formation of kidney stones. Include them as a nutria boost in between meals or make them a part of your breakfast or snack.

7. Prevents Colon Cancer As dates are a good source of fiber it helps in the growth of the beneficial bacteria in the gut which keeps the colon free of harmful bacteria’s which hence prevents colon cancer.

8. Majestic Sweetener for Diabetics Dates have a low glycemic index from 43 to 55 depending on the variety, so they are a boon to diabetics to satisfy their sweet tooth. However since they are calorically very dense, people suffering from diabetes should not exceed more then 2-3 dates in a day with no other form of sugar being consumed with it. This should be chalked as a part of your daily meal with your doctor or dietitian in accordance with your dosage of medicine or insulin. Try this date and walnut balls recipe which has dates as the sweetener. 

Date and Walnut BallsDate and Walnut Balls

7 Ways to Eat Dates

1. Consume 4 fresh dates before breakfast

2. Toss it in SaladsCarrot Lettuce and Date Salad

3. Add it to Smoothies and ShakesDate and Apple Shake

4. By way of PorridgeJowar Ragi and Date Porridge

5. Make Energy BallsDate and Walnut Balls

6. Prepare a Protein BarDate Oats and Mixed Berries Granola Bar

7. Make an irresistible sweet treatDate and Nut Slices

Date Oats and Mixed Berries Granola BarsDate Oats and Mixed Berries Granola Bars

Nutritive Information for Dates

Nutritional Information for ½ cup of seedless dates 1 Cup of Dates is 90g

RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

Energy - 279 calories

Protein - 2.2 g

Carbohydrate - 67.4 g

Fat - 0.31 g

Fiber - 8.05 g

See full nutritional value details of Dates in Dates (Khajur) glossary

Benefits Of Dates, Khajur

This colourful and tasty Carrot, Lettuce and Date Salad is a brilliant cure for constipation. The lemon juice and pepper dressing contrasts well with the sweetness of dates, and helps to accentuate the flavours of the other ingredients too, adding a spicy dimension to the salad. You will find this irresistibly tasty salad to be a welcome change from the raw veggies and mashed dates usually recommended to get the required amount of fibre.
Tummy is growling, but not time for a meal yet? This Date and Apple Shake is perfect for such hunger pangs. An energy rich glassful that will put you right back into action! The combination of apples and dates is rich in fibre, which keeps you satiated for a long time. Using low-fat milk gives you the necessary calcium, minus the scary fat. In all, it is a real winner, in taste and nutrition!
jowar, ragi and date porridge recipe for babies | jowar, nachni and date porridge for babies | jowar nachni porridge for babies | how to make jowar, nachni and date porridge for babies at home | with 19 amazing images. This Jowar, Ragi and Date Porridge for Babies porridge is tasty too, which makes it an ideal food for this age, when children start discerning flavours and textures. Learn how to make jowar, nachni and date porridge for babies at home in a step by step manner. To make this jowar nachni porridge for babies, combine the whole jowar, whole ragi, dates and ½ cup of water in a pressure cooker, mix well and pressure cook for 3 whistles. Blend the cooked mixture with ½ cup of water and cook in a pan for around 1 to 2 minutes. A combination of two super grains, flavoured with deliciously sweet and iron-rich dates, this Jowar, Ragi and Date Porridge for Babies is a wholesome food that will keep your little one satiated and active for at least a couple of hours. At the growing stage of 7 to 8 months feed Jowar, Nachni and Date Porridge for Babies. It is rich in essential nutrients iron, protein, calcium and fiber. Do not add sugar or jaggery to this Jowar, Ragi and Date Porridge for Babies as dates do the job of lending natural sweetness. Also sugar or jaggery at this age is not recommended by most pediatricians. Enjoyjowar, ragi and date porridge recipe for babies | jowar, nachni and date porridge for babies | jowar nachni porridge for babies | how to make jowar, nachni and date porridge for babies at home | with detailed step by step photos below.
date walnut balls recipe | khajur akhrot balls | 3 ingredient vegan date nut balls | sugar free date nut balls | with 10 amazing images. Thanks to sweet and sticky dates, this sweet requires no sugar, which means it is not too high on calories. On the other hand, this 3 ingredient vegan date nut balls tops the charts on nutritional aspects. Dates are rich in fibre, antioxidants and natural sugar, while also being low in sodium, it can be enjoyed by those with high blood pressure too. To make date walnut balls, combine dates, walnuts and elaichi in a deep bowl and mix well till the mixture binds well like a dough. Divide the mixture into 8 portions and shape each portion into a round ball. Serve immediately or store refrigerated in an air-tight container and serve it within 30 days. Ever yearned for a mithai that is fuss-free yet irresistibly tasty and comparatively healthy? Well, here is your wish come true. All it takes to make these khajur akhrot balls. Chop, mix and shape, yet it is so good. Walnuts, which are ably teamed with the dates in sugar free date nut balls, are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and arginine. These ensure proper blood flow to the heart and keep the heart’s lining healthy. These also help us fight inflammation. Those with heart ailments can treat themselves with 1 to 2 of these balls occasionally. 1 khajur akhrot ball at 42 calories would be a wise sweet treat to involve in as compared to a sugar laden Indian mithai. You can enjoy them in between meals or at the end of the meal to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, we do not recommend this sweet for diabetics. Tips for date walnut balls. 1. Buying seedless varieties of dates will reduce preparation time. 2. Buy walnuts which don’t look shrivelled. Fresh walnuts are a must, to enjoy its true flavours. Enjoy date walnut balls recipe | khajur akhrot balls | 3 ingredient vegan date nut balls | sugar free date nut balls | with step by step photos below.
These yummy no-bake granola bars with crunchy almonds, tangy mixed berries, wholesome dates and creamy peanut butter will become your best friend, coming to your rescue whenever hunger strikes! The combination of ingredients in the Date, Oats and Mixed Berries Granola Bars is such that they balance each other in flavour and texture, giving you a heavenly experience. You can make a batch of these granola bars and store them in airtight containers. Store them in the fridge to retain their freshness and increase the shelf life. Carry one with you when you go out, so you will not be tempted to walk into a bakery when you are hungry! When making these granola bars, make sure the peanut butter-honey mixture cools down a bit (should be warm) before mixing it with your hand, to avoid scalding your palm. Also grease your hands generously with oil before pressing out the mixture on the tray. You can also try other bars like Chocolate Popcorn Marshmallow Bars and Oats, Walnut and Cornflakes Snack Bar .
Easy, quick, irresistibly delicious – that describes the Date and Nut Slice best of all. A mouth-watering combo of dates and condensed milk cooked in butter is further enhanced with a generous dose of mixed dried fruits, all of which is then prepared into handy-sized slices. Store it in an airtight container, to enjoy anytime you wish. Put some in your kids’ snack box, or carry a few to office; you will love to bite into it any time of the day.