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 Benefits of Tendli, Ivy Gourd

Benefits of Tendli, Ivy Gourd

Tendli is a perineal herb, which is native to Asian countries including India. It has a dark green smooth skin with white flesh and small seeds inside. It is usually harvested in immature stage as the mature tendli is a bit bitter in taste. 

4 Health Benefits of Tendli

1. Prevents Obesity : Tendli has been known to boost metabolism and thereby prevent obesity. It’s not very high in calorie count as well. 31 calories is all you gain through 1 cup of tendli. Try the recipe of Tendli aur Matki ki Subzi. Click here for Weight Loss Diet.

2.  May Treat Diabetes : Tendli has been used by Ayurveds to treat diabetes due to its ability to improve glucose tolerance and lower blood sugar levels. However it is said that the ivy gourd leaf and its juice is the wonder fraction of this plant. It helps to keep blood sugar levels under check. 

3. Promotes Skin Health : The high Vitamin C in tendli is to be attributed for good skin health. It may help you get rid of wrinkles and some types of skin allergies and diseases. 

4. Good for Digestion : Consumption of tendli can help relive digestive problems like constipation. This may be accredited to its fiber content (1.5 g per cup). Check out the list of other fiber rich foods

A Word of Caution : Tendli has been recognized to cause visible skin allergy to some. If you notice that, kindly contact your doctor immediately. It’s not extremely worrisome. It can easily be treated by general physician.

While not much has been researched about tendli, some health benefits have been highlighted by researchers based on its nutrient profile. 

Nutritive Information for Tendli (Ivy Gourd):

1 cup of tendli is about 150 grams
RDA stands for Recommended Daily Allowance.

Energy – 31 calories
Protein – 4 g
Carbohydrate – 5 g
Fat – 0.3g
Fiber – 1.5 g

Scientific Name of Tendli : Coccinia grandis

See full nutritional details of tendli in Tendli glossary click here.

Benefits Of Tendli Ivy Gourd