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 Kashmiri garlic for a healthy heart

Kashmiri garlic - for a healthy heart

Kashmiri Garlic -  for a Healthy Heart

Kashmiri garlic is a variety of garlic which is an individual clove of garlic. They belong to the same family of Allium sativum. It usually grows at high altitude. It is smaller in size than the regular garlic. It is round in shape and is pointed at one end. It has a golden-brown husk with a white garlic inside. 


Other names of Kashmiri Garlic

1.     Himalayan garlic

2.     Single clove garlic

3.     Ek pothi lahsun

4.     Jammu garlic

Benefits of Kashmiri Garlic for a Healthy Heart

The main compound ‘allicin’ in Kashmiri garlic is known for heart protecting benefits. It strengthens the cardiovascular system by preventing clot formation as it acts as a blood thinner. Simultaneously it also helps in managing blood cholesterol levels. Because it helps to relax the muscles, it can benefit to manage high blood pressure too. It is highly recommended to have 1 to 2 cloves of Kashmiri garlic daily.


Other Health Benefits of Kashmiri Garlic

1. The compound allicin is known to manage blood sugar levels and is thus beneficial for diabetics too.

2. Helps to detoxify the liver by removing the toxic substances, thus helps in cleansing it.

3. This mountain garlic is considered good to strengthen the immune system and thus is beneficial for people suffering from cold and cough.

4. The sulphur compound in this garlic may also help fight chronic disease like cancer.

5. Its antibacterial properties help in maintaining intestinal health.


How to eat Kashmiri Garlic

Kashmiri garlic can be crushed slightly with hands, de skinned and eaten as it is. Alternatively, you can add to recipes of your choice.


Where to buy Kashmiri Garlic from?

It is not very expensive and is easily available at most ayurvedic shops and health shops. You can also buy them from various grocery delivery e-commerce platforms.



Kashmiri Garlic For A Healthy Heart