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 Uses of Bay Leaf, Tejpatta

7 Uses of Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is a leaf that is used in cooking mostly for its aromatic purpose. Bay leaves can be used fresh or dried for their distinctive taste and flavor. There are different types of bay leaves found and all of them are used in different types of cuisines.

1. Bay leaves can be used either Fresh or dried. They are used in cooking due to their distinctive flavour and cinnamon like fragrance that they impart to the food.

2. In Indian cuisine especially, bay leaves are used to flavor rice dishes like biryanis and pulaos. Here they can either be added to the masala paste with the rice or added to the raw rice to imbibe the flavor while cooking.  

3. Bay leaves form one of the main ingredients for the Indian Spice Powder, Garam Masala, that is mainly used in a lot of Punjabi cooking. 

4. In Indian cuisine, the leaves are also often used whole while tempering for vegetable dishes like subzis or even dals and removed before serving. Some dishes that use bay leaf are Paneer Makhani and Gujarati Dal

5. They can also be used to flavor the filling of certain snacks like kachori as they impart a strong flavor to it. 

6. The leaves are often used to flavour soups like tomato soup, or stews that are mostly Mediterranean. 

7. The leaves also flavour classic French dishes such as bouillabaisse and bouillon.


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Uses Of Bay Leaf

A favourite with most people while eating out at any Punjabi restaurant! paneer makhani as the name suggests is a very rich subzi from the lap of Punjab. It uses one of Punjabi cuisines most loved ingredients butter. In traditional Punjabi houses, the women folk make pure white butter from thick creamy milk. The liquid that is left over after the butter has been removed is very delicious and cooling and makes a tasty drink. Soft paneer chunks are dunked into a rich tomato based gravy, a must try for all paneer lovers! Serve with rotis or parathas. Enjoy how to make Paneer Makhani recipe with detailed step by step photos.
With a characteristic sweet and sour taste, this traditional dal recipe is quite reflective of Gujarati culture and uses the typical ingredients and spices. While this is an everyday dal, it takes on a festive hue when ingredients like peanuts and yam are added. For such grand occasions, the dal is boiled over and over again to get the best flavour. Remember that the ideal balance of sweet and sour levels required for the success of this recipe is an art that can be perfected with practice. Do try other traditionals dals like Dhansak Dal, Maa ki Dal and Char Dal ka Dalcha.
A rice delight that is loaded with veggies and flavoured subtly with a fine choice of spices, the Vegetable Pulao is one dish that is famous all over the world. Within India too, it is so popular that there are umpteen versions, ranging from mild to spicy, and it is available in even tiny restaurants and roadside eateries! This Vegetable Pulao is a Quick Recipe and easy to make, but very tasty, with the added flavours of ginger, green chillies and garam masala. Prepare it as close to serving time as possible so that the flavours are fresh and strong. If you don't like your to eat your pulao plain, have it with Makhni Gravy or Kadhi. For more exciting pulao recipes glance through our collection of lunch pulao recipes. Enjoy how to make Vegetable Pulao recipe with detailed step by step photos and video below.
A tangy soup of spice-tinged tomatoes, the Cream of Tomato Soup is a choice that perfectly pleases the Indian palate. A combination of tomato puree and freshly cooked tomatoes are combined with spices and blended into a rich soup, which is made all the more luxuriant by the addition of fresh cream. Kindle the appetite by serving this easy to make soup hot and fresh with bread croutons.