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 Guilt-Free Low-Fat Paneer Treats

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Guilt-free low-fat paneer treats

Paneer is an all-time favourite with both kids and adults. It abounds in Protein and Calcium, a perfect team for building bones. While everybody loves to have paneer in various forms, ranging from subzis and tikkis to pizzas and desserts too, the joy is always peppered with worries about its fat content!

Thankfully, Low Fat Paneer offers a way out. While a cup of chopped full-fat paneer accounts to 1170 calories and 65 gm of fat, the low-fat counterpart has just 320 calories and 1 gm of fat. That is significantly lower, giving you the courage to occasionally indulge in your favourite treats without as much worry.

Some brands of low-fat paneer are available in the market, but to be doubly sure, you can make it in your own kitchen, using the method shown in this Low Fat Paneer Video. In this process, we have used low-fat curds and not lemon juice to curdle the low-fat milk, as lemon juice yields a rubbery paneer and also gives lesser quantity. Once set with this yummy low-fat paneer, you can go ahead and enjoy all the delicacies in this mailer, without any guilt!

Low Fat Paneer Collection

Green Pea Pancakes have an inviting colour and tempting flavour, which make them hard to refuse. What is more, this nutritious snack is rich in high folic acid and fibre, and can be reinforced with more nutrients by adding veggies of your choice to the batter. You are sure to love this innovative alternative to the famous south Indian uttapa!
Scooped containers of boiled bottle gourd are packed with a flavourful, soft paneer stuffing, and topped with tangy tomato gravy. Known for its good health quotient, bottle gourd becomes all the more desirable in this Bharwa Lauki recipe, as it combines tastefully with protein-packed paneer and Vitamin A and C rich tomatoes.
methi paneer paratha recipe | healthy paneer methi paratha | Punjabi paneer methi paratha | with 35 amazing images. methi paneer paratha is a nourishing one dish meal. Learn how to make healthy paneer methi paratha. Punjabi paneer methi paratha is an even more exciting version of paneer paratha made using whole wheat flour, low fat paneer that is perked up with aromatic fenugreek leaves. To make methi paneer paratha, first make the dough. For that combine the wheat flour and salt and knead into a soft dough, using enough water. Cover the dough with a wet muslin cloth and leave aside for 10 minutes. For stuffing, heat the oil in a non-stick pan and add the cumin seeds and ginger-green chilli paste. When the seeds crackle, add the fenugreek leaves, turmeric powder and salt and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the paneer and mix well. Divide the dough and stuffing into 4 equal portions. Roll a portion of dough, place a portion of stuffing in the centre, bring all the sides to the centre and seal it. Again roll into a 4" paratha and cook on a medium flame on hot tava till golden brown. Serve hot. Let’s see why this is a healthy paneer methi paratha? The methi contributes not just flavour but also substantial amounts of vitamin A and calcium to this toothsome dish. Relish these methi paneer parathas. Paneer, on the other hand, is also calcium rich. The combination of these 2 ingredients in this Punjabi breakfast is a true nourishing package. Further with substantial amount of fibre in healthy paneer methi paratha, it can be enjoyed by diabetic, heart patients and cancer patients for breakfast or lunch. Tips for methi paneer paratha. 1. Make the dough only with wheat flour and no addition of maida to have a healthy meal. 2. Low fat paneer has been used to cut down on calorie and fat intake. If you do not have any fat restriction, you can opt for regular paneer. 3. Serve it off the tava as there is no ghee or butter used for brushing after cooking. Enjoy methi paneer paratha recipe | healthy paneer methi paratha | Punjabi paneer methi paratha | punjabi breakfast | with recipe below.
Calcium is a nutrient that is required by people of all age groups, for healthy growth and maintenance of bones and teeth. Here is how you can get a tasty calcium-boost from a surprise ingredient – nachni. A millet that is not consumed frequently by most of us, nachni or ragi is one of the greatest sources of calcium. When prepared into a unique and delicious pancake, along with other ingredients like calcium-rich paneer, aromatic sesame seeds, flavourful onions and protein-rich besan, it turns out into a really tasty and useful treat. Serve these pancakes immediately on preparation, along with peppy green chutney. Every single member of your family will enjoy – and benefit from this treat.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this cardamom-flavoured low-fat Paneer Kheer. By replacing traditional sweeteners with sugar substitute, and by doing away with unhealthy thickeners, we ward off those unnecessary carbohydrates and calories too. So, you can enjoy the rich texture and wonderful flavour of this kheer comfortably. Just make sure you add the paneer after the milk is completely cool, to avoid curdling.
paneer toast | paneer vegetable toast | healthy paneer toast | cottage cheese Indian toast | with 19 amazing images. paneer toast, a zesty topping comprised of low-fat paneer and vegetables adds spice to nutritious whole wheat toasts. A great teatime snack providing nearly 116 calories per toast, paneer toast are best accompaniment by a hot healthy Indian drink. See why this is a healthy paneer toast? Made from whole wheat bread, low fat paneer and healthy vegetables. Paneer contains high quality protein and calcium which aids in weight loss. Since paneer is low in carbs and high in protein it gets digested slowly and hence good for diabetes. We suggest you avoid tomato ketchup and use tabasco sauce to make the paneer toast healthier. Enjoy paneer toast | paneer vegetable toast | healthy paneer toast | cottage cheese Indian toast | with step by step images.
Low-cal Paneer Palak Kofta in Makhani Gravy, anyone? The weight-watcher is usually terrified of words like paneer and makhani, but here is a low-cal version of this popular North Indian dish specially formulated to please food lovers without adding to their waistline. The innovative twist here is the use of red pumpkin and low-fat milk to impart a creamy and thick mouth-feel, very close to authentic makhani fare, without using any butter or cream. The koftas are also steamed instead of deep-fried.
Stuffed Bajra Paratha, looking for something to lower blood cholesterol levels? Here’s an exotic version of the humble bajra paraha, stuffed with a paneer, methi and tomato mixture that makes this a scrumptious delicacy. The fibre in bajra binds with the cholesterol and fats and ensures that it is ejected from the system. Serve with garlic chutney for that extra punch!
It is common to stuff bhindi with besan and masala powders. But, you can give the popular dish a twist by stuffing it with paneer instead. By using low-fat paneer, you can ensure guilt-free dining too! What makes the Stuffed Bhindi with Paneer all the more delightful is the thoughtful combination of spices, tomatoes and onions, which makes the dish extremely aromatic and tasty.
An all-time favourite Mexican snack prepared with mild twists that make it acceptable as an occasional treat for diabetics. The tortillas in this recipe are made with whole wheat flour instead of maida and are stuffed with a delectably flavoured mixture of sautéed veggies and low-fat paneer. The grated low-fat paneer gives a nice texture to the stuffing, making it soft and succulent enough so you do not notice the absence of cheese. With loads of fibre-rich veggies and no refined flour or cheese, the Veggie Stuffed Quesadillas make a delicious snack for diabetics.
paneer capsicum sabzi recipe | shimla mirch paneer sabzi | healthy low carb sabzi | Marinating paneer always makes it more appealing because it imbibes a wide spectrum of flavours. This semi-dry paneer capsicum sabzi prepared with marinated low fat paneer and capsicum is rich with the aroma of cumin and carom seeds, further energized by the addition of tangy fresh tomato pulp. Enjoy the Marinated shimla mirch paneer sabzi fresh and hot, with whole wheat parathas, not only for the heavenly culinary experience it offers but also for a boost of nutrients, especially vitamin A and vitamin C and fibre that come from capsicum and tomatoes, and the calcium and protein from low-fat paneer. A serving of this paneer capsicum sabzi is sure to satiate you at lunch time and provide only 10.5 g carbs.


Guilt-Free Low-Fat Paneer Treats
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Stuff bhindi with paneer was good and tasty.We had with Nanchni paneer paratha yesterday. Nicely written and very informative articles given here.