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 Any Time is Paratha Time

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Top 10 Veg Paratha Recipes

If asked to name one dish that can be had any time of the day, as a snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner, a South Indian would name Idli or Dosa while a North Indian would go for Parathas! Indeed, parathas have proven their mettle as a sumptuous, versatile and anytime snack, so much so that Indians all over the country and people across the globe too have given it their vote.

Parathas can be made with refined flour, whole wheat flour or a mix of multi-grained flours. They can be made in a tandoor, in an inverted kadai or in a simple tava. They can be made plain; with veggies and greens mixed into the dough; or with sumptuous, spicy fillings. Imagine – and you can implement it in a paratha. That is how versatile this dish is. In fact, it qualifies as a culinary category in its own right!

Different Stuffing for Parathas

Once you get the basic paratha right, you can perk it up in endless ways. You can either add ingredients like grated veggies, blanched greens, herbs and seasonings to the dough, or you can stuff the parathas with dals, veggies, sprouts, and so on, to make yummy parathas like the Paneer Paratha and Chana Dal Paratha. While some parathas like the Aloo Paratha and the Gobi Paratha are traditional favourites, you can also make innumerable other exciting varieties like the Spinach and Paneer Paratha and Palak Paratha. Apart from flavoured and stuffed parathas, there are others like the Laccha Paratha and Lazeez Paratha, which are unique in their texture and flavour, by virtue of the proportion of ingredients or procedure used for preparing it.

From envelope-shaped Lifafa Parathas to dal-filled ones and tomato-flavoured ones, there are choices galore. The best part about parathas is that they taste great with simple accompaniments. A raita like the Pudina Raita or Cooling Cucumber Raita and pickles like the Tamatar ki Launji or Sweet Lemon Pickle are all that you need to make your meal complete. When you have time to make a delicious subzi like the Baby Corn aur Paneer ka Salan or Baingan Mussalam, add it to your menu, to make the paratha all the more delicious.
Surely, the journey with parathas is unending, but one that you will enjoy travelling!

Top 10 Indian Paratha Recipes


Any Time is Paratha Time
 on 17 Mar 17 05:54 PM

Aaj Ghar pe ye Paratha try kiya specialy Aloo Paratha, Mixed Vegetable paratha , Gobi Paratha with Aam ka Achaar aour Dahi thanks for providing such a good Paratha Recipes.
Any Time is Paratha Time
 on 22 Feb 17 01:16 PM

Nicely written about parathas and the type of parathas we can make.