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 Whole Wheat Roti or Bajra Roti

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Whole Wheat Roti or Bajra Roti, which is healthier?

Roti is a staple food in Indian cuisine. It is a flatbread made using various flours but, generally the term roti is used specifically for the one made with whole wheat flour dough. India being a diverse country, each region has their own specialty. Rotis are nourishing, healthy and filling. Generally served with sabzi, they can also be relished with other accompaniments like pickle, curd or jaggery.

With people adopting a healthy lifestyle, there is a sudden awareness of millets and superfoods, everyone is questioning their choices and have questions about how to incorporate them in their regular diet. When it comes to staple food, people hardly have a choice and find it difficult to make a change. 

And there is often a debate on which one is healthier Whole Wheat Roti or Bajra Roti and why?

Both, Bajra and Whole Wheat rotis are equally healthy. Bajra (pearl millet) just got sideline but, consuming millets has been an age old practice in India. 

3 Pros of Bajra Roti

1. Bajra has more Fiber (2.8 g per roti) than Whole Wheat roti (0.3 g per roti). More Fiber means that you feel fuller for a longer time as the food takes more time to digest and not raise your blood sugar level too fast. That’s why it takes more time to eat a Bajra roti versus a whole wheat roti. 

2. Bajra Roti has more protein (3.2 g per roti)  as compared to Whole Wheat Roti (1.6 g per roti). In fact the protein content is double than that of whole wheat roti. Protein is a key to manage wear and tear of all the cells of the body and bone and muscle development.

3. Bajra Roti has also more Iron content (2.1 mg per roti) than whole wheat flour (0.7 mg per roti). Iron is what keeps Anaemia at bay and helps in supplying oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body thus avoiding fatigue. 

3 Pros of Whole Wheat Roti

1. Whole wheat roti has lower carbs (9.4g) compared to Bajra Roti (18.5g). Those on a low carb diet or wanting to cut carbs consumption down, would prefer to have Whole wheat roti. But it is very likely that you may have only 2 Bajra Rotis for a meal against 3 to 4 whole wheat rotis. So make your choice and include both alternatively with the quantity that suits your caloric requirement. 

2. Whole wheat flour can be eaten year round while its suggested to skip Bajra Roti in hot summers as it brings up the body temperature. In fact, Bajra Roti is consumed a lot in winter. 

3. Whole wheat roti is lower in calories (80 calories) against Bajra Roti (116 calories). But remember that it’s the quality of the calories which is important and Bajra is yet super healthy. 

Bajra Roti or Whole Wheat Roti for Diabetics

Bajra has a higher glycemic index at 71 while whole wheat is about 54. This would make you think that Bajra is not good but then you have to look at the other plus points in Bajra which is its high fiber count which pushes the glycemic load down. So Bajra roti can be consumed in moderation for Diabetics.   Whole wheat roti can be safely consumed by Diabetics as the have a low Glycemic Index and will not shoot up your blood sugar levels rapidly.   

Given below are the recipes of Bajra Roti and Whole Wheat Roti which is a must to include in your Indian diet and having a healthy lifestyle. See here why Bajra Flour and Whole Wheat flour are good for you.

Whole Wheat Roti Or Bajra Roti

Though bajra is grown only in certain parts of Rajasthan, bajra rotis are relished all over the state. Thickly rolled bajra rotis are cooked over "kanda" (cow dung cakes) in the villages. That is the authentic way of preparing them because it imparts a smoked flavour to the rotis. But here’s a tava version of the famous bajra roti. Bajra rotis can accompany virtually any vegetable or kadhi on a Rajasthani menu. Bajra roti, lahsun ki chutney and onions is the staple diet of the locals. Although absolutely simple to make, these rotis are delicious!
Nothing's more annoying that hard, chewy rotis. Now make soft, delectable rotis for dinner and watch your loved ones devour them with joy. Its simple to make, and an extremely satisfying meal. Go for it!


Whole Wheat Roti or Bajra Roti
 on 15 Jun 18 01:07 PM

Due to my studies i cannot make out time to cook. I can make tea coffee n bread toast, but nothing more then this. My mother alway insist me to learn cooking. Now my marriage is fixed in Dec 2018. I started with making wheat chapati/ roti after going through this article. In first attempt I did soft rotis, but not exactly round. Happy with it. I think is the perfect site to learn cooking. Will definitely try subzis, dosas, sandwiches and other recipes of Tarla mam.