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It is a premier on-line store house for 19,000 recipes, 10000 food images and over 550 food categories to choose from. search a recipe of your choice. It is the largest Indian food site for recipes, cooking tips and lot of other information for any one who enjoy food and cooking. There are over 1,50,000 of registered users who receive a weekly food mailer from us.

All the features at tarladalal.com are featured here….

Access to the recipes : Browse and enjoy searching recipes of your favourite cuisine and your favourite ingredient. Easily sort recipes be date, rating, photos, alphabetically.

Contribute your recipe : Just a step away. “Post a recipe” icon on the left side of the top panel is all you have to click. Enter your recipe and share it with all the other foodie lovers in the world.

Make your own cookbook : Create your own cookbook and save your recipes in them for easy reference at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. No more tension to pen down your recipe and carry it with you. You also have the freedom to name you cookbooks, add a photo to it and add a note to it as well. The search box helps you find any of your cookbooks at one go.

Share your cookbook with your friends : The recipes added to your cookbooks are open to all. You can share your cookbooks with any of your friends simply by sending a link.

Make private cookbooks : Members can make private cookbooks and add recipes for their personal reference only. The search box helps you find any of your cookbooks at one go.

Add private notes to your recipes : Enjoy the freedom of adding private notes to any of your recipes like…My kid's favourite, Tastes better when sugar was reduced and so on….

Upload recipe photos : Through the photo gallery option on the about me page you can upload recipe photos to your own recipes as well as recipes contributed by other members as well.

Review recipes : If you have liked a particular recipe or have suggestions on improving the recipe, go ahead and send your reviews to the contributor.

Get a shopping list of recipes chosen and print it : Add recipes to "My Shopping List" and get a shopping list generated automatically. You can also add other custom items of your choice like tissue paper, mops etc. to the shopping list and print a total list.

Upload your picture by your name : Be recognized by the other members at tarladalal.com by inserting your photo on “About me” page and your cookbooks.

Get any food and health related query answered by Tarla Dalal : Have a food query, send it to us at [email protected] Share your reviews or ask queries about the recipe directly from the recipe page and get replies from Tarla Dalal team. Alternatively, call us 022 - 43452400 between 9:00 am to 5:30 pm on weekdays and get instant answers to your query.

Access to glossary : A home of all cookery ingredients…have a quick access to it all at once or by search option.

Participate in recipe contest : The recipe contest is for all you food fans. Participate in our monthly recipe contest and win fabulous prizes.