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 There Is A Roti for Each Day of the Year, and More..

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Top 10 Indian Rotis

Many Indians cannot imagine a day without rotis. It is like how important bread is to the French people. While Roti is essentially a part of the North Indian diet, it is now increasingly finding a place in South Indian meals too because it is sumptuous and tasty. It is a common sight to find many South Indians also carrying chapatis in their tiffin dabba because it is handy and tasty.

Part of the reason for the popularity of rotis is their versatility. While plain Chapatis or Whole Wheat chapatis are everyday fare, you can also make mouth-watering variants like Coriander Roti and Mooli Makai ki Roti. Roti can be made with varied flours, and with numerous ingredients like coriander, greens, cooked dals, mouth-watering veggies and spice powders added to the dough. Such interesting twists often make the Roti self-sufficient in taste and texture, which means they can be enjoyed with just a cup of Curd or a Mango pickle, without requiring any elaborate accompaniments. Of course, for a complete experience, rotis must be served with subzi and dal, which would make the meal tastier and more balanced too.

Rotis made with healthy flours

Rotis made with wholesome flours like wheat flour, jowar flour, oats, ragi flour or other nutritious multi-grain flours have an earthy taste and rustic texture, which make them a completely different experience when compared to regular rotis. Regional specialties like the Bajra Roti or Khoba Roti of Rajasthan, Makai ki Roti of Punjab or the Sindhi Koki give us an idea about the vegetation of that area, and the community’s cuisine.

Rotis from different parts of India

When making a regional specialty, you can make the experience more authentic by also choosing the right subzi and dal to serve with it. Bajra Roti can accompany virtually any vegetable or Kadhi. Rajasthanis love to have the Bajra Roti with Lehsun ki Chutney and onions. Some rotis like the Coriander Roti can just be enjoyed with Curd or Mixed Veggie Raita. The Sindhi Koki too just needs a cup of plain Curd and a pickle like the Aam aur Chane ka Achaar, while the Makai ki Roti will go well with Sarson ka Saag and Aam ka Achaar. You can recreate a Rajasthani haveli dining experience by serving the Khoba Roti smeared with ghee, with Aloo aur Kaddu ki Subzi and Mangodi ki Dal.

Some rotis like the Potato Roti, Palak Paneer Roti and Phudine ki Roti are so tasty that they can be had like a snack! You can even take them along on a journey with some pickles and a flask full of Tea!

Healthy Veg Rotis

You can give your rotis a healthy twist not just by using wholesome flours but also by throwing in some well-balanced ingredients to top up on all required nutrients. Add some paneer and you get calcium and protein; add some greens and you get iron, folic acid to build your haemoglobin levels, or add veggies like carrots, green peas and cabbage too boost antioxidants and fibre. Garlic Roti, for example, ups your iron and fibre.

When it comes to rotis, you are actually spoilt for choice. There are innumerable recipes from the different regions of India, and on top of that you can make your own innovative changes to create your own fascinating rotis. However, here we present you with our pick of top 10 rotis. We are sure you will relish each of these gems from Indian cuisine.

Top 10 Indian Rotis


There Is A Roti for Each Day of the Year, and More..
 on 18 Mar 17 04:42 PM

Loved the collection of Top 10 Indian Rotis tastes great. Also a must try is the Potato Roti, Bajra Roti, Phudine ki Roti with Aachaar and Curd.
There Is A Roti for Each Day of the Year, and More..
 on 06 Jan 17 03:52 PM

Love the collection of Rotis you have given and the presentation is very good. Frequently make Makai Ki Roti and Sindhi Koki from this lot.
Tarla Dalal
06 Jan 17 03:54 PM
   Thanks for your feedback.