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What is bailey's irish cream ?

If you are high on style, high on your heels and need a sip of ecstasy to keep you up - then Baileys Irish Cream is the answer. It is a combination of Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur, made by R. A. Bailey & Co. of Dublin, Ireland. It has alcohol content of 17 %. It was an instant success and created a whole new kind of drink.The cream and whiskey is homogenized to form an emulsion, with the aid of an emulsifier containing refined vegetable oil. This process prevents separation of the whiskey and cream during storage. The quantity of other ingredients used is not known but they include chocolate, vanilla, caramel and sugar. According to the manufacturer no preservatives are required; the whiskey alone is used to preserve the cream.

How to Select bailey's irish cream

Bailey's is the original and most widely known brand, and was introduced in 1974. Other popular brands include Carolans, O'Casey's and St. Brendan's.

Culinary Uses of bailey's irish cream

" Its rich combination of fresh dairy cream, Irish whiskey, finest spirits and natural flavours provides a luxurious drinking experience.
" Baileys Irish Cream Cake is a deliciously moist chocolate cake layered with Bailey's Irish cream mousse, garnished with dark chocolate. A truly creamy creation.
" It is also used as an addition to coffee in lieu of cream or sugar. Truffles and cheesecakes are a delicacy with Baileys Irish Cream.
" Bailey's Irish Cream is a unique Irish spirit made from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa and Cake is a deliciously moist chocolate cake layered with Bailey's Irish cream mousse, garnished with dark chocolate.
" Bailey's Irish Cream Fruit Dip is a delicious twist on fruit dip. Different from the regular cream cheese based dips, this is lighter and creamier. Serve with fresh fruit slices and squares of food cake.
" Bailey's and coffee is wonderful and creamier ''Irish'' coffee.

How to Store bailey's irish cream

Baileys is the only cream liqueur that guarantees a totally natural product which delivers that unique, smooth Baileys taste for 24 months from the day it was made. Alcohol acts as a natural preservative for the product. Baileys should be stored away from direct sunlight at temperature. You don't have to refrigerate your bottle, but we recommend it - and it tastes even better when it's chilled! Fluctuating its environment temperature too much will cause it to go clumpy - so try and always keep it roughly at the same temperature. The storage conditions are the same for sealed or unopened bottles.

Health Benefits of bailey's irish cream

" Alcohol (as in Baileys Irish Cream) contains almost twice the calories of carbs or protein, so in theory, it's not good for weight control.
" Back in the old days, a way to handle an upset stomach was to mix whiskey and cream together. It would soothe your stomach

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