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Also known as

Boondi is a deep-fried Rajasthani snack made using besan, spiced with salt. It is prepared by pouring the besan through a ladle,and deep-frying the resultant balls till crisp. It is then drained on an absorbent paper and stored in an air-tight container once completely cooled.Boondi, when soaked in sugar syrup, can be used to make boondi laddoos.

How to select
Boondiis easily available in the market under different brand names. Check for the expiry date before buying any brand of boondi.

Culinary uses
Salted boondi is served as a snackby itself. It may also be used to make raita, namkeens, mixtures, etc.
Boondi soaked in sugar syrup is used to make laddoos.

How to store
Boondi should be always be stored in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place.

Health benefits
Since besan is rich in protein, boondi can be a good source of protein, but since these are deep-fried, the portion sizes should be taken care of.