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Incredible butterscotch essence permeates the food with magic.

How to Select
Synthetic almond flavouring is widely available, but larger supermarkets stock real almond essence, which is far superior. Hence, don't compromise on the quality and the taste. Pay for a good brand and verify on the dates stamped - manufacturing and expiry.

Culinary Uses
· Concentrate butterscotch essence for sauces, desserts, baking and cakes.
· Butterscotch features the essence of real butterscotch with a rich and creamy taste.
· Butterscotch adds a luscious flavor note to mochas, lattes and other hot, frozen and chilled drinks.
· Smooth creamy fudge flavored with butterscotch is a relish.
· Mix Butterscotch, Chocolate Sauce and espresso in cup and stir. Fill with steamed milk and top with whipped cream
· Blend Butterscotch, Vanilla Frappe Powder, cold milk and chilled espresso. Add ice and blend until smooth.
· The warm soothing buttery, butterscotch essence of the candy Butterscotch Pudding Powder Custard Type Dessert Powder

How to Store
Store it in the refrigerator. Keep it in a dry place, sealed properly.

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