canned baby corn

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It belongs to the maize family and this cereal grain is harvested when they are small in size and immature. They are handpicked and since they mature quickly, one has to have clear understanding as to when to harvest it. It is usually pale yellow, blue, pink to off white in colour depending on the variety. The size varies from about 7 mm to 17 mm in diameter and 4.5 cm to 10 cm in length. Since it may not be readily available in all seasons around the world, it is sold in canned form. The packaging comes in varied units like 425gms, 825gms and bulk packaging. Canning is done keeping in mind the guidelines set by international food standards.

How to select

Ensure that you choose a good brand from your local food store. The tin/ can should not be tampered with and should not be puffed. Puffed cans are unsuitable for use and should be avoided. Check for the manufacturing and expiry date before purchase.

Culinary Uses

· Use canned baby corn in same way as you would use regular baby corn.
· Slice canned baby corn and use in Oriental cooking for stir fries, soups, etc.
· In Indian cuisine, use in main course vegetables like kadhai and tandoori recipes.
· Use as toppings for pizzas, or use in au gratin and pasta recipes with assortment of other exotic vegetables.

How to store

Unopened cans can stay fresh for upto 3 months or as specified on the tin by the manufacturer. Opened cans should be used immediately and any canned baby corn remaining should be transferred to another container, covered with cling film and then stored under refrigerated conditions.