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What is canned mixed fruits?

Canned mixed fruit usually contains diced peaches, pears and seedless grapes in light syrup that has been sweetened. It may also contain a combination of hand-selected pineapple and red and yellow papaya chunks packed in lightly sweetened passion fruit juice.

Fruits are naturally sweet and are low in fat and calories making them a great dessert or snack choice. A can of fruits lets you enjoy a variety of fruits, irrespective of the season. Canned mixed fruits offer an easy and convenient way to add flavor and variety to ice creams, smoothies, yoghurt and even pies.

How to select canned mixed fruits

Do not use canned fruit if can is rusted, bulging, or dented. While selecting the canned mix fruit, look carefully at the nutritional labelling and the expiry date.

Culinary Uses of canned mixed fruits

· Canned mixed fruit is great as a healthy dessert served straight from the can. Pour syrup off of canned fruit before eating, save the syrup for other sauce recipes.
· Layer mixed fruit with yogurt and top with crunchy cereal for a fruit parfait.
· Add mixed fruit to a gelatin dessert.
· Fruity pancakes or creamy fruit salads or fruit cocktails…the list is endless and bound only by your imagination.

How to store canned mixed fruits

Store unopened cans in a cool, dry place off the floor. Avoid freezing or exposure to direct sunlight. Sudden changes in temperature shorten storage time.
Store opened mixed fruit in a tightly covered plastic container in the refrigerator. Use within 3 to 5 days!

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