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Chocolate Wafer Rolls refer to a dessert made of chocolate wafers and sweetened whipped cream. Generally, crunchy and crispy rolled wafers are filled with chocolate cream and covered with delicious dark chocolate. It is rich in aroma and flavour and goes down well with kids and adults alike. There is a good balance of flavours which makes it suitable as a standalone snack, but it may also be used to make other innovative desserts.

Chocolate wafer rolls can be easily prepared at home. Start by spreading whipped cream on chocolate wafers and stacking the creamed wafers one atop the other into a 14-inch (approx.) tower. Lay the stack carefully on its side on a serving platter to make a log. Cut diagonally into slices and garnish with chocolate shavings before serving.

By-products of chocolate wafer roll include:
Crushed chocolate wafer roll: The biscuits are crushed either with hand or by placing them in a cloth and pounding them with a hammer for a few seconds. The latter procedure tends to impart a finer crushed product than the former.
Powdered chocolate wafer roll: You may powder the biscuits in a dry grinder or by placing them between cloth or plastic sheets and pounding them with a hammer. They may be powdered fine or coarsely as per the recipe requirements.

How to select
Check the brand and the expiry date before buying.

Culinary Uses
• Chocolate wafer rolls are usually enjoyed as a snack with a cold or hot beverage
• They may form a base for puddings or pies
• Can also be used to garnish ice cream or custard.

How to store
• The wafer rolls should be stored in an airtight container.
• Do not store them with strongly-flavoured biscuits like pineapple or orange cream as these flavours will alter the aroma and flavour of the chocolate wafer rolls.

Health Benefits
• Chocolate wafer rolls are a quick source of carbohydrate, thus keeping hunger away.
• If made with whole wheat or oats, they are a rich source of B-complex vitamins and dietary fibre.
• However, you should exercise moderation in their intake because most wafer rolls are made with refined flour and contain lots of sugar, cream and hydrogenated fats.

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