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Corn is a tall plant grass that has large ears with many seeds or kernels. These seeds grow in rows on the larger areas and are eaten as vegetables. Corn plant increase in weight slowly early in the growing season. But as more leaves are exposed to sunlight, the rate of dry matter accumulation gradually increases. The leaves of the plant are produced first, followed by the leaf sheaths, stalk, husks, ear shank, cob and finally the grain.

How to Select
Select bunches with green leaves that do not contain any markings or browning, which may be an indication of worm damage. Avoid limp bunches and yellowing leaves

Culinary Uses
· Dried corn leaf is used to make herbal tea. It is also used to flavor beer.
· It is used to make cornmeal pancakes, dried corn pudding, dried corn pie, etc. It can also serve as a heating fuel. Corn leaf can be dried and ground into flour to make porridge, breads and drinks.

How to Store
Fresh Corn leaves stay good in plastic bag for 1 week, if refrigerated. Dried corn leaves can be kept in an air tight jar.

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