corn syrup

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What is corn syrup?

The sugar derived from cornstarch, composed mainly of glucose is called corn syrup.
During manufacturing two types of corn syrup are produced, light and dark. The latter has a hint of the flavour of molasses and is darker in comparison to the caramel coloured light corn syrup. Unlike other sweeteners, corn syrup is resistant to crystallization and doesn't turn grainy when the temperature drops. As a result when candies, frostings and sauces are made with corn syrup they remain moister and stay fresher longer in comparison with those made from sugar.

How to select corn syrup

• Corn syrup is commercially available in stores.
• Corn syrup can be naturally light in colour which is often used in candy making or dark, which is more suited for baking.
• Please check either the bottle or can for the expiry date.
• If the product exhibits any sign of spoilage, bubbling, leakage or rusting refrain from buying it.

Culinary Uses of corn syrup

• Corn syrup is a popular sweetening ingredient in baked goods, candy, frostings, jams, jellies, etc.
• Corn syrup can be used to make cookies, rice crispies, caramel snack mixes, nutritional bars, ice creams and sorbets.
• It is a common ingredient for chocolates, fudges, cakes and biscuits.
• If you'd like to substitute light corn syrup, use equal parts of honey or golden syrup, which is made out of cane sugar.
• If you'd like to substitute dark corn syrup, use equal parts molasses or maple syrup.
• Corn syrup substitutes are sweeter and lend their own flavour to the recipe.

How to store corn syrup

• Store corn syrup in tightly sealed containers at room temperature or in the refrigerator.
• Tightly seal the product after use.