curd chillies

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Also known as
More Mallakai, Mor Mollaga

What is curd chillies?

Curd chillies are a hot delicacy served as a substitute for pickle forming a part of menu of South Indian meals. They are dried chillies which are white in colour. On frying, they turn black in colour. To prepare them at home follow the simple recipe:

Soak hot green chillies in a curd and salt solution in the proportion of 1:1 for 4 parts of chillies. Once they are tender, dry them thoroughly till they turn white in colour. Fry in oil till they turn black in colour and serve with curd rice etc.

How to select curd chillies

Curd chillies are available in supermarkets as well as local stores. Ensure the packaging is sealed and check the manufacturing and expiry date before purchasing.

Culinary Uses of curd chillies

· Curd chillies are fried in oil till crisp and served with plain boiled rice or curd rice with sambhar.
· They are stuffed with sesame seeds which are called majjiga mirapakayalu in South India and is served extensively with sambhar.
· Curd chillies can be tempered with cumin , mustard seeds and pinch of turmeric to be served with the meals.
· Fried curd chillies can be added to rice flour upmas.

How to store curd chillies

Curd chillies should be stored in dry, cool place kept in air-tight containers away from moisture.