degi mirch

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Degi Mirch is a spice and refers to dried fruits of chili peppers. It can also be grounded to fine powder. It comes in crimson red colour. The stronger the color, the stronger the flavor. As the ground chili pepper ages, it loses the color and the flavor. The flavour can range from mild to spicy hot.

How to select

When choosing whole degi mirch, ensure that it is fresh and pest-free. Powdered Degi Mirch is available ready made in stores under various brand names. Select the packets that are properly sealed and according to the strength of their taste. Mostly the strength of spice is mentioned on packets. Check packaging details before purchase. Whole Degi Mirch can also be dried and grounded in mixer at home.

Culinary Uses

· Degi Mirch is used to add colour and flavour rice, dals, sambhars , soups and stews.
· Indian Cuisine exquisitely uses Degi Mirch to spice their dishes.
· North Indians liberally use degi mirch to spice up chicken and vegetable curries, Tadka Dal, Naans and parathas.
· Use them in kebabs etc for that extra perk.
· Degi mirch used with garam masalas adds flavour to biryanis and paya soups.

How to store

Whole degi mirch should be stored in air-tight bottles away from moisture, pests and in cool place. Powdered mirch should also be well kept in air-tight jars in cool place.

Health Benefits

· Degi Mirch contains Vitamin C and antioxidants.
· Dried degi mirch kept in rice and sugar bottles helps to keeps ants and other pests at bay.