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Flavoured Custard powder originated as a boon for people who wanted an alternative to eggs. It looks a lot like corn flour and the reason being that the base used is cornstarch along with salt and flavourings. It is a ingredient which has aided everyone to make custard in a jiffy. It comes in various flavourings, the basic being vanilla. The common flavourings are from a range of fruit flavours like pineapple, raspberry, mango, strawberry etc.

To make a recipe with custard powder, the basic steps followed is as follows:
Combine sugar, milk and custard powder in a broad pan to make a paste. Add hot milk and stir till sugar dissolves and becomes a thick creamy sauce. Use as required.

How to select

There are various brands available in variety of flavourings in the market. Select as required. Check packaging details before purchasing.

Culinary Uses

· Use flavoured custard powder sauces over puddings, cakes and other desserts.
· Pour over mixed fruits to make fruit salad with custard.
· Combine with mixed fruits and pour over tart shells to make fruit tarts. Bake or chill. Serve with glaze and fruit slices.
· Use as a sauce poured over jellies.

How to store

Store in an air tight container in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Health Benefits

It is a good alternative for people who want to avoid eggs. It thus aids in minimizing the cholesterol levels in custard.

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