fried masala chana dal

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Also Known as
Fried Daliya Dal/ masala chana dal

Fried Chana Dal is a popular snack in India, which is readily available in market. These are made using chana dal/ split Bengal gram, which are first soaked well, drained and then deep fried till crunchy and crisp. They are then seasoned with spices like salt and chilli powder. They can be stored in an air-tight contained for months at room temperature. Available in different brands, common like Haldiram, Bikaner etc. In local snack shops, deep fried chana dal is flavored by frying peeled garlic pods and crushed curry leaves.

How to select
While purchasing the readymade fried chana dal from market, make sure you read the label carefully for manufacturing date and other details. While choosing, check if the dal is crunchy and not too hard. A perfectly fried chana dal would be golden brown, crisp and yet not very hard in texture. Buying open packets or unsealed packets are best avoided.

Culinary Uses
. Combined with onions and tomatoes, it makes a delicious chaat recipe.
. Can be added in chaats, sev puri and bhels.
. Coarsely crush the chana dal and use in Dhokla or Handwa, for that crunchy taste and increase the nutritional value.

How to Store
Always store them in an air-tight container at room temperature. This way you can store them upto 2 months, depending on the quality of chana dal and oil used.

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