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Ginger Ale was originally carbonated with Co2, just like real beer. But since this carbonated drink was too stout for taste, the recipe was changed to ginger and flavoured syrup combined with carbonated water which is what we know as Ginger ale. It has a natural tart and peppery flavour.

Ginger ales come in two forms: golden ginger ale and dry ginger ale. Golden ginger ale, which is the older style, is dark colored and strong flavoured. Dry ginger ale is mellow as compared to Golden ginger ale.

How to select

There are various brands and varieties available in the market which manufactures ginger ales. Check the packaging details before purchasing.

Culinary Uses

· It is commonly used in pubs and bars as a popular mixer for cocktails and various other drinks. Ginger ale is one of the main ingredients in the popular drink, Shirley temple.
· Combine ginger ale with fruit punches or sherbets for the extra zing.
· Add a dash of ginger ale to flavour fruit sauces etc.

How to store

Place in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is best kept under refrigerated conditions.

Health Benefits

It aids digestion. Thus, one can combine ginger ale with water and have to relieve oneself from indigestion problem.

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