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With origins that go back to 1700's, ginger beer is a carbonated drink which is fermented using "ginger beer plant" or brewers/ baker's yeast. It is flavoured with fresh ginger juice, sugar and lemon. Since there is inclusion of carbon dioxide, it is a fizzy drink. However, commercially, the drink is not fermented and doesn't contain alcohol. It is sold commonly as a soft drink.
Ginger beer has a strong flavour, citrus and spicy after taste (because of the lemon and ginger). It has a dark amber colour. It is best served chilled in the style as beer is served.

How to select

Ginger beer is sold in the fermented form and non fermented form. Check the packaging for details before purchasing as per your requirements.

Culinary Uses

· It is best had on its own. Serve chilled with ice cubes in a beer mug.
· Ginger beer can be sparingly used to pan sauces after meats have been grilled in the pan. Combine the "meat drippings" and some ginger beer to make a smooth sauce to go with your grilled meats.
· Use in marinades for meats, poultry, game etc.

How to store

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Thus, it is best stored under refrigerated conditions.

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