ginger squash

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Also known as
Ginger ale squash

What is ginger squash, ginger ale squash?

Ginger squash is a ginger based concentrate which is made from mixing one part ginger concentrate with four or five parts water. This highly sweetened squash is best drunk when mixed with water, soda or seltzer. This squash can be made at home and stored for months together under refrigerated conditions.

How to select ginger squash, ginger ale squash

• Select commercially made homemade ginger syrup as per your individual preference or as per the recipe requirements.
• The bottle or cans should be checked for its manufacturing and expiry dates.
• Any signs of spoilage, bubbling, leakage or rusting (in case of metallic cans) should be a clear indication of what not to purchase.

Culinary Uses of ginger squash, ginger ale squash

• Adding a shot of ginger squash can really add flavour and some texture to your basic cup of tea.
• Ginger squash can be used sparingly as a topping on pancakes, waffles and slices of cake served with vanilla ice cream.
• Be creative in the kitchen and use this squash to maximise the taste of beverages and desserts.

How to store ginger squash, ginger ale squash

• This homemade flavoured squash should be stored in coloured bottles.
• Keep it handy in a cool and dark place.
• Store flavoured syrups in a refrigerator to maximise its shelf life.
• Ginger squash should be bottle-tight and stored under refrigerated conditions.

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