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Description Uses of Grenadine Syrup
Grenadine is derived from the French word 'grenade' for pomegranates. And like its source it is a dark ruby red syrup made with pomegranate juice and sugar exuding a sweet tart taste. The reddish pink tinge left in cocktails like Tequila Sunrise or the Shirley Temple, makes this syrup both a popular flavour and colouring agent behind the bar. A typical bottle of the store bought variety contains high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives, artificial flavouring and artificial colours. If you prefer to make grenadine at home, simmer pomegranate juice for 15 minutes on the stove, then add superfine sugar to it. Grenadine can also be quickly prepared "cold" by adding superfine sugar to cold pomegranate juice, then shaking vigorously for a few minutes until the sugar has dissolved.

How to select Grenadine Syrup
• Grenadine needs to have a rich pomegranate flavour and therefore prefer choosing a naturally made syrup over the artificial.
• Usually sold in bottles, please do not purchase it if there are signs of spoilage or leakage.
• Read the label for ingredient details, manufacturing and expiry dates.

Culinary Uses of Grenadine Syrup
• Even though flavour is a consideration, the primary role of grenadine is as a sweetener and colorant for cocktails and mocktails.
• Grenadine syrup is commonly used to add colour to flavour-soaked cherries, making them bright red. These are in turn often used in fruitcakes.
• It can also be added to a Mimosa to give it a red and orange color.
• Grenadine can also be combined with beer, to create grena-beer or Christmas beer.
• In North America a combination of beer and grenadine is commonly known as Queen Mary.
• In baking, if you run out of colour while making icing, combine grenadine with icing sugar to create a light to pink coloured icing.

How to store Grenadine Syrup
• Store grenadine syrup in coloured bottles, if making at home.
• Store it in well sealed bottles in a cool and dark place.

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