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Jaljeera powder or cumin seed cooler is a delicious spicy appetiser drink comprising of Black salt, salt, dry mango, cumin, citric acid, mint leaves, black pepper, dry ginger, compounded asafoetida, mixed spices. To prepare, simply add 2 tsp jaljeera powder to a glass of cold water and stir. This masala can also be used for sprinkling on Dahi Vada. A refreshing drink, Jaljeera powder tastes good and contains no added artificial colour or flavourings. Jaljeera powder is readily available in the market under various brand names.

How to select

Jaljeera powder can be bought whole or in the premixed and packaged ground form. You can easily make your own mix with dried herbs that you already have on-hand: combine roasted and ground jeera( cumin) with anchor, black salt and mint leaves . Whole and dried spices are much more aromatic and flavoursome than their pre packaged alternatives. Whole spices to be added in the jaljeera powder should be compact and free of any blemishes. While buying packaged jaljeera powder, check the expiry date and feel for lumpiness( sign of moisture inside the packet)

Culinary Uses

· Jaljeera powder is used to prepare a cool refreshing drink called jaljeera, a salted and spicy Indian lemonade. It has an unique flavor and can be a refreshing choice in hot summer day.
· Jaljeera powder can also be used in chutneys, jams and jellies.

How to store

As a powder, flavour quickly deteriorates. Store in an airtight container, out of direct light.

Health benefits

· Jaljeera or Cumin water effectively quenches thirst along with increasing appetite.
· Jaljeera is a cooling drink, which helps to combat sunstroke, indigestion and dehydration.

Glycemic Index

Low (less than 55)

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