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Maraschino cherries are flavoured cherries made usually from sweet cherries, specifically Royal Ann. These cherries have a single pit and can also be made from sour cherries. Most cherries that are made into maraschino cherries come from Oregon and Michigan. Originally a maraschino cherry was macerated with a cordial made with Marasca cherry-hence the name. However, these days, it is macerated in flavoured sugar syrup. Thus the brine in which it is preserved is sugar syrup and other added preservatives. Once flavoured, they are dyed into colours like orange, blue and pink- though the basic ones remains bright red. The cherries have the stem intact which gives them a beautiful appearance.

How to select

Apart from the basic red colour, they come in various other colours. Choose the brand and colour as required. Ensure that the stems are intact and not damaged. Check packaging details before purchase.

Culinary Uses

· They are widely used as a single garnish on pastries and cakes.
· Top fruit salads, ice creams, sundaes etc with these cherries for a complete look.
· They are used as a "drop" garnish in many cocktails and mocktails.
· Chopped cherries are also used in Paans.

How to store

Although these cherries undergo preservation process, they should be stored in the refrigerator, once the packaging has been opened. Unopened bottles should be stored in a cool and dry place away from moisture and humidity.

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