mini pizza base

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Mini Pizza Bases are very small pizza bases made with various flours, alone or in combination. Refined flour and wheat flour are commonly used. These pizza bases are thick and available in diameters of 3” to 5”. You can make variety of starters using these mini pizza bases. Readymade mini pizzas are also available in the market,with different toppings.

How to Store
Always buy from a store that gets a fresh stock every day. To check on the freshness, you can press softly and feel the base. You may also bake it at home with a dough of refined or whole wheat flour.

Culinary Uses
Just add your favorite toppings and bake, and you'll have fresh, homemade pizza just the way you like it! You can experiment with a range of vegetable and fruit toppings, sauces and cheese, to make a variety of pizzas for any occasion.

How to Store
It is best to use the pizza bases on the day of purchase as they will be soft and fresh. Over time, they tend to get hard or even moldy. They can be stored unopened at room temperature for a day or two. But, it is better to refrigerate in hot and humid weathers.

Health Benefits
Whole wheat mini pizza base is a healthy alternative to refined flour pizza.
Loading the pizza base with veggies is a good option, but overdoing the cheese could cause weight gain, if intake is frequent.