onion flakes

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These are onions that have been chopped and then dehydrated. They lack much of the pungency of fresh onions, but they're convenient and have a great flavour and aroma.

How to Select
It is easily available in small or large packets at grocery stores.

Culinary Uses
· They can be used in everything from sauces to salad dressing.
· Onion flakes can be roasted or fried until crisp and dry.
· Roasted onion flakes are used in small quantities to bring crispness and piquant, roasted onion flavour to salads, sandwiches, dipping sauces, spreads etc.
· They can be sprinkled on pizza or sandwiches.
· Onion flakes are an attractive garnish as well as a nice finisher to lighter dishes.

How to Store
Keep the onion flakes in an air tight container. Avoid from moisture content.